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ok, I tried to watch a video about world-building and place names and here are some names for towns I came up with

name for the main town

name for the swamp pony town

name of the mummy town

town of the wolf ponies

first question: each pack has their own territory name should I come up with names based on their own cultures (which are similar to our own cultures) or should I just stick to the name you see here?

town of the witches (name options)


which one do you like best?

town of the vampires (options)

I like duskhollow but what do you think?

town of the ghosts (options)

which one do you like best?

but I want a name of the land as a whole like equestrian for example but I want something unique

the land has a lot of nature like a forest for example but there is also mountants, valleys, beaches and (added by the residents) desserts and swamps.

and there are perfect environments for a race of creature due to the lifestyle and/or biology of said race.

how can I come up with a name for land with a diverse landscape and community (as in the land consist of ponies or creatures of different cultures)

is like how Equestria is but is a world within Equestria

also, this land was a slowly growing one since they want to keep in harmony with nature but still use technology (to an extent) but was officially established in the 1940s and founded by founders who are from different time periods like the medieval times to victorian era (and the founders are immortal too)
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One night, two griffons who trade slaves for money came to Ponyville and kidnapped Spike.

When he was about to be sold, a mysterious masked pony knocked out everycreature and rescued Spike. Guess who the pony was
Background Pony #664E
@Background Pony #58B7
Let me tell you the story of Starshield

Spike's protecter

One night, two griffon slave traders kidnapped Spike in order to sell him. Right when Spike was about to be sold, a mysterious masked pony fought off the creatures there and broke Spike's cage before flying off with him.

When the two of them arrived at the pony's giant home in the middle of the enchanted forest, where plants are alive and, just like all the animals, are very friendly to creatures.

The pony then helps Spike by treating his injuries and giving him food and water. When asked who the pony was, she revealed herself as AU alicorn Starlight. This Starlight was really named Starshield, and came from a different universe, and from the far far far far future. In her universe, she was seen as a criminal by the tyrant ruler Frosted Ice, who forced the entire planet to serve her and killed whoever refused.

But she had been secretly studying about a way to escape, and discovered the existance of another world. So she constructed a portal to come to this world, not knowing which time period she would arrive in, burned the plans and papers to the point that they wouldn't be revivable, and set a timer to destroy the portal 10 seconds after she went through.

And after hearing Spike's side of the story, how he was always picked on, used only for work, and never invited to parties or other special events, Starshield offered to allow him to live with her, and Spike, after thinking for 2 hours, accepted.
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In an alternate universe, Starlight, instead of stealing cutie marks, vowed to make sure that nocreature would have to endure what she had endured.

On her journey throughout the multiverse, she forms a team of creatures who were forced from their friends and family and forms the Super Secret Equestrian Warrior Alliance, or SSEWA

Together, they remove all signs of who they once were, even up to their names and personalities.
Background Pony #664E
@Background Pony #58B7

Leader: Starstream Swirl(Starlight)

Sunshine Sword(Sunset)
Midnight Star(Twilight)
Noonday Blaze(Sunburst)
Lightning Spark(Tempest)

Other members:
Lava Roar(Smolder)
Stone Crusher(Pinkie)
Blazing Blast(Ember)
Flash Shifter(Thorax)
Sword Shifter(Pharynx)
Gentle Spirit(Fluttershy)
Cliff Kicker(Applejack)
Diamond Slice(Rarity)
Fire Dodger(Apple bloom)
Vine Jumper(Scootaloo)
Songburst(Sweetie Belle)
Polar Freeze(Ocellus)
Stormy Sky(Rainbow)
Cosmic Soul(Moondancer)
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