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Snowflake’s destiny
One night, while Snowflake was visiting the changelings, she had a dream about a long forgotten and ruined empire of thousands of floating islands not far from the changeling kingdom she was in. In the dream, the empire, known globally as Dreamtopia, was freedom, peace, and beauty given a physical form.
Afterwards, in the dream, a evil alicorn who opposed all three of these forced her way into ruling the empire. She made Dreamtopia look bad in the eyes of the empire’s allies and friends, causing them to turn on it. This was, of course, the alicorn’s plan, and she allowed the empire to fall while doing nothing.
The alicorn retreated into another realm in order to evade capture, and left the empire to rot.
As centuries passed, memory of Dreamtopia faded, until not even small details pertaining to the empire remained. It had completely disappeared from the minds of all creatures.
But little did the evil alicorn now, that it was all predicted by a kirin who was believed to be mad. The kirin stated this: “When evil comes and Dreamtopia falls to allies, a beautiful changeling with snow-white skin and a soft, kind heart will come, become the eternal empress, and will bring Dreamtopia back to it’s former state of peace, beauty, and freedom, and form peace between it and all other kingdoms of Equus.” Included in the dream was a map of the direction to where Dreamtopia was
Knowing that she is the one destined to become the empress of Dreamtopia, she tells her friends and family, before packing all her things and going to find Dreamtopia to fulfill her destiny
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