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reformation is the best
I have a question (spoilers for AU)
the vampires in my AU are the typical vampire you know but when they learn and accept friendship (in one way or another) they end up getting their shadows back, they have their refections, they can eat garlic (if they want to), and they can keep their powers but they can work in the daylight as well now.
but here is my question:
if this were human the vampires will eat like a normal human would but since this is Equestria and the vampires can now do the things I said before now, should let the vampires still be vegetarian since they are still ponies or should I make them omnivores since they still have vampire bat teeth so they could have sharp teeth and they can still turn into a vampire bat?
and should I make their bat forms vegetarian while still retaining their vampire bat appearance or should I still keep with the vampire bat thing like them drinking blood but now they can eat hard foods like meat?
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