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reformation is the best

just because i want to see what people choose more
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The future

One day, Starlight, Twilight, and Snowflake receive a visit from 6 alicorns who look different from them.

The alicorns, named Mystical Melody, Clear Sky , Silent Whisper, Trust Seeker, Hopeful Spirit, and Bright Future, claim to have come from the far far far future, approximately 350,000,000,000 into the future, and claim to be the desendants of Starlight Glimmer. They also claim to come from a time where the sky is forever darkened, and the sun gives no light. Oxygen has been replaced by evaporated acid, and temperatures exceed 25,000 degrees on a normal day. They managed to survive by replacing some of their body parts with machine, allowing them to live with no food, water, or air
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