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Started by Glim Glam
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Glim Glam
Magical Inkwell - Wrote MLP fanfiction consisting of at least around 1.5k words, and has a verified link to the platform of their choice

Starlight fan
The sun was shining bright on the sky and two mares were snuggled close to each other, near Trixie's wagon.
Starlight and Trixie were two best friends, who were always there for each other and who together traveled the whole Equestria on their road to friendship. They also did many magical shows throughout Equestria, where many ponies always attended with a smile on their faces. Starlight still needed to learn more about friendship, try different spells from her teacher Twilight and make new and new friends, here in Equestria. She still needs to learn, a lot about friendship.

''Trixie?'' said Starlight looking at her friend.

''Yeah, Starlight?'' said Trixie with a low tone.

''Do you think Twilight and Celestia are proud of Me, proud of what I've achieved?'' asked Starlight, nervously.

''Silly, of course they are, they are really proud.'' answered Trixie with a smile on her face.

''And you, Trix?'' said Starlight.

Trixie nodded and winked at Starlight, in agreement.

''You and Twilight helped Me so much, Twilight helped Me to understand friendship better and you made Me understand that revenge won't change anything, it won't change the attitude that other ponies have for you, they will just hate you more.'' said Starlight.

''Can you tell Me about what friendship means, Starlight?'' asked Trixie.

Starlight giggled and said. ''Well…I'm not a good teacher, but friendship is something that you cherish and friends are someone who are always there for you and they can understand you, if you let them understand you.''

''I'm glad that you are my friend, Starlight.'' said Trixie, smiling happily at Starlight.

''Same, Trixie.'' said Starlight with a joy.

''In my past I did a lot bad things, I enslaved the village with a stone that one certain pony told Me,Maud Pie, I think, so I made everypony equal. Because I thought that equality is better then those cutie marks. But I was wrong.'' said Starlight.
''I also used the staff of sameness to get the cutie marks of Twilight and her friends, so they could be equal as Me.'' she continued with her talk.
''When other ponies in 'Our Town' that I have cutie mark hidden under my equality sign, they turned against Me, the friends that I've had weren't my friends anymore, so I ran away.

''And your past Trixie?'' asked Starlight.

Trixie looked at Starlight and sat, silent.

''You don't want to talk about it, right?'' asked Starlight, little worried.

''No, I just don't want to talk about it, about my revenge on Twilight, err…sorry Princess Twilight.'' said Trixie.

''Okay, Trixie.'' said Starlight, looking at Trixie.

In ''Our Town'' everyone has forgiven Starlight and she made some friends there. She made good bonds with Princess Celestia and also with Discord. Starlight just wanted to live a good life with friends next to her side and friends who stood by her, everywhere she went.

''You have fought with Twilight right, Starlight?'' asked Trixie.

''Yeah, but she showed Me what I needed, I needed friends and friendship.'' answered Starlight.

''I know that I'm not loved by everypony, there are still some ponies who just can't forgive Me and I understand that.'' said Starlight.

''I always be your best friend, Starlight, you can count on Me.'' Trixie said, hugging Starlight.

''I know and thank you Trixie.'' Starlight said as she hugged Trixie back. After some minutes they stopped hugging each other and just smiled at each other.

''I will go now, visit Twilight.'' said Starlight.

''Okay, bye Starlight.'' Trixie said.

''Bye, Trixie.'' said Starlight smiling and waving her hoof at Trixie. Trixie raised her hoof and waved back too.

Starlight was walking toward Twilight's castle with a smile on her face. Ponies were doing their everyday jobs and everyone were happy and full of joy, since King Sombra was defeated. Starlight was approached the castle's door and knocked few times. The door opened and she saw Twilight, smiling.

''Welcome Starlight, want something to eat, or drink?'' Twilight asked.

''If you have a tea.'' said Starlight as she sat on the chair.

''Yup, here.'' said Twilight as she poured the tea to the teacup and gave the teacup to Starlight.

''So, where you were this nice day, Starlight?'' asked Twilight.

''I was talking with Trixie, about myself, about friendship and about you, Twilight.'' answered Starlight.

''Alright.'' said Twilight.

''You?'' asked Starlight, smiling at Twilight.

''I was just reading books, helping ponies, I visited Princess Celestia and Luna, stacking the books into right bookshelves and I visited my friends.'' said Twilight as she sipped the tea.

''Can I have one cupcake?'' asked Starlight as she noticed several cupcakes on the plate, with different flavours.

''Sure.'' said Twilight. Starlight in her agreement then took one chocolate cupcake and ate the cupcake happily.

''Where's Trixie right now, Starlight?'' asked Twilight, looking at Starlight.

''She's doing some shows, somewhere in Equestria.'' answered Starlight, taking another sip of her tea.

''That's good, she can improve, of course.'' said Twilight.

''Cause she's Great and Powerful?'' asked Starlight.

''Yup.'' answered Twilight.

''Twilight, do you think I'm a good person?'' asked Starlight, looking nervously at Twilight.

''Of course you are Starlight, you did a lot for Me and also for yourself.'' said Twilight with a smile.

Starlight put the empty teacup aside, and sighed.

''Ruling Equestria as a Princess isn't easy, right?'' asked Starlight.

''No it's not, you have duties and stuff to do.'' said Twilight as she sipped from her teacup.

''Yeah.'' said Starlight.

''I still need to learn, a lot about friendship, about myself and about friends.'' said Starlight.

''Yup, mostly about friendship, about new spells and new tricks that you can teach Trixie.'' said Twilight, smiling with joy.

''I have to go Starlight, you know, duties and also I've got a letter from Princess Celestia about my meeting with her.'' said Twilight.

''Okay, it was a nice talk Twilight.'' said Starlight as she stood up from her chair and walked with Twilight.

''See you later, Starlight.'' said Twilight.

''Yeah, later Twilight.'' said Starlight as she smiled at Twilight.

Starlight then started to walk in the center of Ponyville where market was located, ponies were selling goods, food, souvenirs and all that kinds of stuff.
She saw Trixie, finishing her show as she was waving at other ponies. She was happy to see her best friend enjoying the show.

''Hi Trixie.'' said Starlight happily.

''Hi Starlight, how was your talk with Twilight?'' asked Trixie, smiling at Starlight.

''It was good, we talked a lot.'' answered Starlight with a smile on her face.

''Okay.'' said Trixie.

''How was your show, Trixie?'' asked Starlight.

''It was great, everypony enjoyed my show.'' said Trixie.

''That's great, Trixie.'' said Starlight. Starlight knew that 'The Great and Powerful Trixie' is able to do an awesome show without and flaw.

Starlight and Trixie then walked towards one bench and they both sit there and watched the market with ponies selling their goods.
Starlight was happy to see that her friend has enjoyed the show and she was really proud of Trixie. Their friendship was strong for sure, they have each other, they know each other well.
Trixie and Starlight knew that their adventures aren't over yet and there is still a lot to do for themselves and for Equestria, in general.
Friendship is a strong thing, friends are something that we need in our lives, friends are someone that can solve our problems.
Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Trixie, Discord, Princess Luna and Princess Celestia are friends of Starlight, they are here for her when she needs something, she know that well.
And whatever the future may bring, they are there for each other, they hold each other, hoof in hoof they walk together as best friends.

Queen Chrysalis may return with all other villians, she may return. But they, they are ready for that, they are ready for every danger that is awaiting them in their adventures and in their lives.
Their friendship is strong, friendship is powerful than love, is powerful than anything in the world. Is the Magic Of Friendship, along with their elements and the tree of harmony.
Friendship is written in history books and in history. Starlight Glimmer and her friends are ready to face everything, every unfriendly pony that awaits them.

''Trixie?'' said Starlight, looking at her friend.

''Yes, Starlight.'' said Trixie looking at her friend happily.

''Best friends.'' said Starlight.

''Forever.'' said Trixie with a joy.

Best friends forever, for each other, for themselves. Magic of Friendship. Magic, Honesty, Loyalty, Generosity, Laughter, Kindess.
And with Starlight Glimmer, justice. Friends are always there for you, if you feel alone, make a friend, be with him, enjoy your moments with him, adventures with him.
Starlight knows this well, she has good friends who are there for her, who support her and who will never leave her alone.
She loves them, she loves Equestria, she loves her home and of course, she loves kites. Because kites are cool, aren't they?
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