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Griffon the Brush-Off 2 (NSFW)


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It had been for ten years ago that Rainbow Dash had met with Gilda for the first time in Cloudsdale. It was a sunny day in April, and Rainbow Dash and Gilda had been flying through the forest by Baltimare where they had been on vacation. Nopony was in the quiet and warm forest except for Rainbow Dash and Gilda. Then had Gilda and Rainbow Dash heard shouting of somepony deeper in the quiet forest. Suddenly had the forest become cold and quiet too. It sounded like somepony had been shouting to the pegasus pony and the griffon.
“It sounds like somepony is shouting for help, and it is lost somewhere in this forest.” the pegasus pony told Gilda.
“And the forest it had suddenly become so unusual quiet and cold.” Gilda told Rainbow Dash.
The pegasus pony and Gilda searched through the forest for the lost pony. But that lost pony who cried for help was nowhere to be found. It felt like an invisible thing had followed them. The two friends thought they had seen the pony cry for help run all it could through the forest. Rainbow Dash and Gilda flew quickly after the pony that suddenly got away again. Then was invisible things suddenly beginning to scratch Rainbow Dash and Gilda.
“Let’s get out of here quickly and up to Cloudsdale obefore those things get us.” Gilda shouted to Rainbow Dash.
After that experience had Gilda and the pegasus pony not returned to that forest.
Part 1
Ten years later in the had Gilda left Pinkie Pie’s fake surprise party in a crowded and decorated Sugarcube Corner for her arrival in Ponyville. Gilda had been flying away from Ponyville, and far away somewhere in the Eastern part of Equestria.
“This has to be the last time I am visiting Dweebville.” Gilda told herself.
It was a sunny afternoon, as many guests including Berry Punch and Minty were arriving at the party in Ponyville for Gilda that had left after being pranked out of her party. There was cakes, games like pin the tail on the pony, blindfold games and more.
“Today I will also give a cheer for our new Twilight Sparkle that had moved in for a year ago, so let’s give a cheer for her.” Pinkie Pie told her cheering friends and smiled.
“And also a cheer for our new citizen Minty.” the pink pony told the cheering crowd.
The room had been decorated with banners, confetti and big sparkling colourful balloons in many shapes that Pinkie Pie and Spike had inflated. Pinkie Pie and Spike grabbed and released a clear and very long bended balloon for some minutes, as the balloon squeaked loudly. Thereafter had Spike been sitting and examining himself between the legs. The horny baby dragon kept on rubbing himself between the legs in over an hour in the crowded room. At last had the baby ecstatic dragon reached his second climax by watch Pinkie Pie hug the long and squeaking balloon.
“I wondered who Gilda was that you mentioned earlier, until she showed up today.” Rarity said to Rainbow Dash.
“Me and Gilda had met each other for the first time at the Junior Speedster Flightcamp for ten years ago.” the pegasus pony told Rarity.
“Gilda had told me that she had been raised in another country far to East of Cloudsdale.” Rainbow Dash said to Rarity.
Twilight and Rarity volleyed around a large pink balloon between each other with their sensitive horns for hours, despite both being nervous around balloons. The playful pair felt the puffy, sparkling, clear rubber land on their warm horns with soft bumps. Applejack played balloon with them, and then she had sucked Twilight’s horn for some minutes. The farmer pony gave the horny unicorn pony a hornjob until she reached her second orgasm. After hours of intimate balloon play, the unicorn pair played a selection of games, drank cider, and enjoyed a large slice of cake from Sugarcube Corner. It was late night when the party ended.
“That had been such a marvelous party you had held.” Rarity told Pinkie Pie and smiled.
The ponies went home with a bunch of balloons from the party on strings. Pinkie Pie had taken all of the many decorations down after the party early in the morning. The pink party pony had just kept the many remaining balloons from the party to play with. That next night after the party was a bunch of tourist earth ponies from Manehattan out in the extremely deep forest where a lost pony had told to be seen by Rainbow Dash and Gilda. The tourist ponies had not known a word about the vanished pony, or that the forest was told to be haunted too, as they entered the forest on another sunny afternoon.
“Hey, notice how quiet and cold the forest suddenly had become.” one of the ponies told his friends.
“I have noticed that too, and it seems like some things are watching out after us all around.” another pony said to his friend.
Shadow like ponies made the group of tourist ponies follow them deeper into the forest.
“It seems like these things want to show us something in this forest.” a pony told his friends.
“I will rather get out of here now before midnight.” another pony said to his friends.
Then had the ponies suddenly been left out in the remote part of the forest where none knew where they was. The group of tourist ponies tried to get out of the forest, and it felt like a thing they could not see what was chase them. Night arrived, and the ponies had been lost in the deep dark forest under the chase. The ponies got scratched by some ínvisble entities, as they tried to get away. A sight of a thing in the remote forest had made the ponies run faster, but before they knew it had that thing been assaulted them from behind. Nopony knew whatever happened to the ponies that got lost in the forest by Baltimare. Twilight and her six friends wanted to help with finding the lost ponies in that forest. But Granny Smith met with them by the marketplace in Ponyville.
“Don’t even think about visiting the forest by Baltimare, as I also had been chased out there as a filly by some dangerous entities according to a very old book called nematodes.” Granny Smith told the six ponies and Spike
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