How do you choose between fanfic ideas?

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So I guess I’m kinda at a crossroads right now. The current fanfic idea I’ve been excited about for a while might actually be too ambitious a project, so I’m looking at other simpler projects to return to for the time being.
I’m curious if any writers (or really any sort of artist period) have any methods for deciding what they’ll work on next. Because I could just put all my ideas in an excel spreadsheet and randomize it, but surely there’s gotta be better methods out there.
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What I do is I create a doc where I write a couple paragraphs of whatever stories I’m considering and just roll with whatever I’m feeling most.

Nice to know I’m not the only one facing this problem. I more or less have a mental outline of what my story should be like and what I’m afraid of the most is that this story is also too ambitious and long for me to write. Besides, after seeing so many “successful” stories in fimfiction not being finished at all I have resolved to either finish the whole thing before publishing the first chapter or just not do it at all because I don’t want to leave my readers on a permanent cliffhanger after I find out that I can’t complete my story.

Now back to your question if I ever get an idea that I want to work on I always try to make sure it more or less goes with show canon, but besides my main story I have abandoned most other possible stories.
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