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There was an attempt
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Part 1 - Princess Celestia
You were a member of the Royal Guard. Ever since you enlisted, you took your job very seriously. You were always eager to serve the Princesses, never late and always looking forward to your next shift.
With the combination of a physically fit body and unusually powerful magical abilities (You were a notoriously skilled unicorn), you did your duties with a stubborn sense of duty and pride. Even the Royal Sisters couldn’t help but take notice of you every once in a while, referring to you as an exemplary example of a devoted Guard.
It wasn’t long into your career that you found yourself chosen as a candidate for the prestigious promotion to the Elite Guard. They were considered the best of the best, who were routinely assigned important missions in addition to personally assisting the Princesses with various tasks and problems.
To find yourself nominated for a position such as this filled you with a deep sense of accomplishment.
It was almost Princess Luna’s night shift. You found yourself in the throne room, lined up in a row with seven other Elite Guard candidates beside you. Princess Celestia was standing right in front of you. She informed you all that there is a mandatory test she must administer personally.
According to her, only one guard in this room will be able to receive the promotion. For the test, you were to stay where you are and remain still. Whoever moves from their spot or passes out will be disqualified.
The other guards were puzzled, but you didn’t bother questioning her. You knew whatever her test was would be revealed shortly.
Celestia’s horn glowed, and a strange scent filled the room. You felt an odd sensation wash over you as you inhaled it. Did Celestia plan on subjecting you and the others to sleeping gas, and promoting whoever refused to pass out?
Suddenly, the feeling gave way to almost overwhelming arousal. You felt your stallionhood quickly grow to full mast, twitching with painful need. Your body was growing hotter as your head became clouded with dirty thoughts of rutting the Princess in front of you.
You looked around, and saw that the other guards were in a similar state. They were struggling to control themselves as their erections bobbed between their legs.
Celestia bore a satisfied smirk on her face. She blushed deeply at the sight of the visibly aroused candidates, seeing their erect cocks leaking precum onto the floor. She turned around and bent over, sticking her backside into the air and presenting her nethers to the highly aroused stallions behind her.
Your heart skipped a beat at the sight before you. Celestia’s round, shapely haunches was on full display, but that wasn’t what your eyes were stuck looking at.
Below her puckered asshole was her meaty pussy, with her clitoris poking out of it. The pink flesh of her lips were like cushions, so large and soft. They were practically begging whoever gazed upon them to bury themselves into her moist softness.
But it wasn’t just her oversized cunt, her teats were massive! Each of them were hanging below her knees, swollen with motherly fluid and begging to be squeezed and milked.
As you struggled to contain yourself, a wet splattering noise filled your ears. One of the candidates had just blown their load at the mere sight of Celestia’s swollen genitals. He grunted as he spilled his seed all over the floor, unable to stop himself as he released his thick spunk. Once it died down, he collapsed onto the floor and passed out with an admittedly silly look on his face.
The test was much harder than you thought. It hasn’t even been a full minute, and yet someone had already yielded to Celestia’s alluring body.
Celestia had started to seductively sway her hips, giving her ample rear an enticing shake. The lewd teasing also caused her fat udders to smack into each other, filling the room with perverted clapping noises. The repeated collision between the enormous milksacks caused the white nectar in them to squirt onto the floor.
You thrusted your hips into empty air in frustration. You wanted to mount Celestia so bad, you just wanted to bury your twitching length in her meaty cunt and release. You tried closing your eyes, but you could still envision her fertility goddess-like body tempting you to spill your seed for her.
More splattering noises filled the room as the other candidates failed to restrain themselves, making their own sticky messes on the floor and collapsing one by one. You lost track of time while you were struggling to stay calm, but it was over before you knew it. You don’t know how you managed to last so long.
Celestia turned her head and called your name, and you opened your eyes in surprise. You looked around, and your stress and anxiety gave way to joy and elation. As difficult as Celestia’s test was, you managed to be the last stallion standing!
You did it! You were going to be an Elite Guard!
You felt your happiness grow as you locked eyes with Celestia, and saw the beaming smile she had on her face. She was so proud of you! If you didn’t have a painfully stiff erection right now, you would probably be jumping with joy.
Suddenly, you felt a magic field grab your body and lift you in the air. You found yourself levitating towards Celestia, your stiff cock pointing right at her backside.
Celestia told you that when the test is finished, it is customary for the victor to ejaculate their seed into their Princesses’ Royal marehood.
Before you could say anything, your leaking tip spread apart her swollen lips. You were unable to speak as her large cooter swallowed your twitching member to the hilt.
You were unable to last another second. Her teasing was one thing, but the feeling of her wet orifice squeezing your rigid shaft tight, and the soft pink cushions squishing against your groin was just too much.
You moaned to the heavens in pure bliss as you exploded inside Celestia’s meaty cunt. Ribbon after ribbon of thick seed fired deep inside her welcoming pussy and spilled across her inner flesh with every twitch and throb.
Celestia seemed to go out of her way to make your orgasm last as long as possible. Whenever it would start to fade, she would grind her soft backside and plump lips into you and squeeze your spurting cock tighter. Your beautiful Sun Goddess was determined to milk you of every last drop of your sticky essence, and your body was forced to oblige.
Eventually, your climax faded out entirely. Celestia used her magic to pull out your softening rod, and lay you back on the floor. You watched in lewd fascination as her swollen coochie squirted your hot splooge past her thick lips and onto the ground with a wet splat.
After the sexual torture and the “reward” you had endured, not only were you were still able to stand up, you felt your flaccid length twitch from the arousing sight. For a split second, genuine astonishment was clear on Celestia’s face when she noticed your quick recovery.
Celestia turned around to face you, gazing into your tired eyes for a moment and… started laughing. You stood there, silently reflecting on what had just happened in the room as she was overcome with laughter.
You looked at the unconscious candidates, then at the sperm-covered floor, and back at the mirth-filled alicorn, and started to think your new job might not be as “important” as you thought it was…
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There was an attempt
Today, Princess Luna was in heat. Due to her fondness for Shining Armor, she desired for him to service her during her estrus.
Luna was aware he would be reluctant to do so on account of being married to her niece, but the subtle use of a special aphrodisiac quickly took care of it. As he was overcome with a single-minded desire to mate and breed, Luna quickly spirited him away and left his armor behind. Their mating was to take place in a secluded area away from Canterlot Castle so they won’t be disturbed.
Shining Armor’s face was in between her sweaty haunches, mindlessly lapping at her glistening nethers like a parched animal. His leaking erection was bobbing in between his legs, showing his eagerness to rut his Lunar Princess.
Luna brushed her starry blue tail against his neck in appreciation as she used her magic to remove her crown and regalia. She wanted to feel like a natural mare as she was rutted by her stallion.
Luna looked behind her when she felt Shining Armor remove his tongue from her moist cunt, watching him drape himself over her back with a clear intention to mount her. She bit her lip in anticipation as she felt him wrap his strong forelegs around her midsection. The sound of his heavy breathing filled her ears and made her shudder with excitement.
Luna’s body quivered as she felt Shining Armor press the swollen head of his twitching stallionhood against her winking pussy. Her sweet moans filled the surrounding area as he pushed into her, spreading open her wet pussy lips. He sunk deeper and deeper, not stopping until he completely hilted inside her. Luna’s soft depths squeezed him tight, coating the stiff flesh with her natural juices.
Shining Armor immediately thrusted in and out of her, his stiff cock vigorously ravaging her needy cunt. Luna felt him slam his toned hips into her backside, sending ripples through her shapely rear. Every collision produced a resounding smacking noise that echoed throughout the dimly-lit area.
Yes! This was exactly what Luna needed. For a strong, healthy, virile male to give her what she needed. Her stallion was giving her a good, hard rutting, pounding her into the stone floor like a filthy whorse. It felt good, so good, that she could barely stand up straight anymore.
Luna was kneeling her front half on the floor, unconsciously sticking her rear out for her horny stallion. The jiggling cheeks of her soft tush were reddened by his merciless pounding. Her mind was as void of coherent thought as Shining was, only registering the frantic thrusting into her tender marehood.
She was close now, and so was Shining Armor. Luna could feel it. Soon, she will be filled with her stallion’s potent seed and her heat would be sated. Then suddenly, ecstasy engulfed her body as her climax came upon her hard.
She screamed his name as her squirting cunt soaked his lower body and clamped down tightly on Shining’s member, eagerly squeezing and milking it in a desperate attempt to coax out the seed brimming in his loins.
Slamming himself into Luna one last time, Shining Armor pressed his groin into her sweat-soaked haunches and released inside her. Luna squealed in delight as she felt his twitching pole shoot his thick spunk into her womb, and flood her insides with his gooey warmth.
Grunts and groans escaped Shining’s mouth as his throbbing member spurted countless ropes of his sticky splooge inside Luna’s squeezing depths. His pulsing sack spilled their contents into her soaking tunnel over and over again until his orgasm finally faded a minute later.
Luna felt Shining’s body suddenly go limp, slipping off her back and falling onto the ground with a loud “thud”. She shuddered when she felt their collective fluids spill from her used snatch after his softening length slipped out of her. Apparently, he had fallen unconscious from the intense orgasm they shared.
Luna giggled to herself as she gazed upon Shining Armor’s sleeping form, watching his flaccid member retreat into his sheath. For a moment, Luna found herself envious of her niece, knowing that the virile white unicorn belonged to her and that she could only “borrow” him at the most.
Oh well. Shining Armor had served his purpose, and it was time to return to the castle. Fortunately, he would not remember what transpired in the clearing.
After she put her crown and regalia back on, she used her magic to remove the evidence of their mating from their bodies and teleported herself and Shining to her Royal Bedroom.
She laid Shining Armor on her bed and pulled the covers over his sleeping form, allowing him to get his well-deserved rest. His armor was lying on the ground nearby. She would tell him he had passed out from “work-related fatigue” when he wakes up, and send him on his merry way.
As Luna gazed into his resting face, her thoughts drifted back to their lovemaking in the clearing. How would her sister and niece react to what she did? Would Cadence be furious at her for “borrowing” her husband? Would Celestia admonish her for forcing their nephew-in-law to mate with her?
…Meh. She’ll worry about that later. But for now, she’s content with watching over the exhausted stallion in her bed, and making sure he recovers.
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There was an attempt
You are the only human in Equestria. Long story short, you have no idea how you got here, or why you were completely naked on arrival. At the very least, the Princesses who governed it were generous enough to give you a place to stay in their castle.
Strangely, nobody ever seemed to mind your lack of clothing. You never had new clothes made for you, so your naked body was on constant display to the world. Even the Royal Sisters and their niece seemed to have no problem with your constant nudity.
There were even times when you got an erection in public, which happened surprisingly often considering your growing physical attraction to the colorful mares around you. Fortunately, the worst you ever got was a few blushing stares.
Eventually, you found yourself invited to a Royal Wedding between Princess Cadance, and the Royal Guard Captain, Shining Armor. After the attempted changeling invasion, the wedding resumed without a hitch.
Despite it being a Royal Wedding, you were still allowed to be completely nude. Ironically, everyone else felt the need to be dressed for the occasion.
Currently, you were standing next to Twilight’s friends, watching the bride and groom present their vows. You were unable to listen though, as your attention was focused solely on the bride.
The sight of Cadance in her beautiful bridal gown left you speechless. You had already found her quite attractive before, but seeing her now, with the tight white dress accentuating the curves of her body, you were unable to take your eyes off her.
To your displeasure, the lower half of your body decided to show it’s mutual approval. Your stiff erection pointed forward, directly at Cadence’s shapely ass. Even if nobody payed any kind of attention to it, you couldn’t help but feel embarrassed having one during such a sacred occasion. You just prayed the wedding would be over soon.
Soon enough, it was.
The wedding reception took place outside, in the Canterlot Gardens. While everyone was either dancing to Vinyl Scratch’s music, or simply mingling with each other, you were out wandering alone. Your erection hadn’t gone away, and you were looking for a place to hide so you can take care of it.
“There you are!”
You froze, recognizing that voice. Cadence was standing right behind you.
“I knew where your eyes were, you little pervert. Turn around.”
She spoke to you in an accusatory tone, sounding as if she had just caught you doing something you shouldn’t have.
You fought the urge to run away, and reluctantly did as she asked. You turned towards her, and saw a light blue aura surrounding her horn. It floated from the sharp protrusion and wrapped around your legs and waist, holding you in place and preventing you from fleeing.
Cadence trotted towards you, gazing at your naked form with half-lidded eyes and a smirk on her face. You two were completely alone, and you were at her complete mercy. You couldn’t help but dread the thought of what she was planning on doing to you.
She stopped when your erect penis was about an inch away from her muzzle. As Cadence gazed into your eyes, you noticed a deep red blush on her face.
Before you could say anything, she pressed her soft lips to your stiff length, giving the underside of your shaft a nice, wet kiss. You shuddered in pleasure as she planted a series of kisses and licks that trailed up and down your length, eliciting powerful twitches out of your leaking member with every touch.
She finally stopped at the tip, savoring the taste of precum smeared on her pursed lips. Her lips parted, slowly inserting your throbbing length into her warm mouth and coating it in her saliva.
You could feel her thick tongue brush against the underside of your twitching shaft with every inch inserted into her gaping maw. She stopped when her soft lips pressed into your groin.
You grunted loudly at the heightened pleasure, placing both your hands on her head and digging your fingers into her beautiful hair. She used her magic to undo part of the binds and briefly push your hips back and forth, encouraging you to fuck her face.
You did just that, too caught up in your own pleasure to notice that you were thrusting your stiff cock in and out of her puckered mouth of your own volition. You felt your balls slap into her chin with every vigorous thrust you made.
It wasn’t long before your climax neared. Sensing this, Cadence stopped your movements and once again swallowed your throbbing meat down to the hilt. A powerful suction engulfed your member, and the intense sensation drove you far over the edge.
Your eyes squeezed shut as your orgasm crashed down on you. You erupted inside Cadence’s mouth, firing spurt after spurt of your thick cum down her throat in copious amounts. Cadence moaned happily as she felt your hot spunk flood her mouth and gulped it all down hungrily.
As you finished, Cadence pulled her head back, making your still rock-hard member leave her mouth with a wet pop. Coming to your senses, you noticed you were able to move freely again. Cadence licked her lips as she gave you a seductive look.
“So, you like to stare at mare butts, do you?”
Nodding at your embarrassed expression, Cadence turned around and moved her tail to the side, presenting her white silk covered haunches to you. You followed her lead, pulling up the back of her wedding dress and putting her bare ass on full display to you.
Cadence looked into your blushing face as she swayed her shapely rear left and right, giving the supple pink globes an enticing shake. She suddenly backed up, letting her plump cheeks engulf your throbbing member and pressing it against your stomach. She then moved her squishy rump up and down, letting their plush warmth smother every inch of your pulsing shaft. The sultry massage squeezed globs of precum out the tip and into the soft crevice of the bountiful pink cushions.
You couldn’t wait anymore. You pulled your stiff pole out of her supple cheeks and grabbed her midsection, proceeding to align the leaking head with her soaking marehood.
“Go ahead. This will be our little secret…”
Disbelief briefly overcame the lust coursing through you at her erotic statement. Cadence had just gotten married hours ago, and was already intent on cheating on her new husband. With you no less!
She wrapped her multicolored tail around your waist as she felt the tip of your cock press against the glistening folds of her winking entrance. With one thrust, you buried yourself all the way inside her. Your naked body shivered with pleasure at the heavenly feeling of her wet love tunnel squeezing every inch of your twitching length, and the soft globes of her ample backside squishing into your pelvis.
Cadence’s sweet moans escaped her mouth as you began frantically thrusting in and out of her. Your hips slapped repeatedly into her royal tush, sending ripples through the pillowy pink cheeks with every impact.
You pounded into her jiggling posterior with gradually increasing intensity, producing wet smacking noises that resonated through the trees and steadily grew in volume. Every forceful collision of your sweaty bodies caused the pussy juices pouring from her wet cunt to splash across your chest and lower body, soaking you in her musky fluids.
Pants and whimpers permeated the hot air as you two mindlessly rutted like wild animals, hidden from public eye by the massive garden surrounding you both.
From your perspective, fucking Cadence felt way too good to stop. You didn’t care that you two were completely different species, and you didn’t care that she was married. All that mattered was immediate sexual gratification, and giving the beautiful alicorn pleasure in turn.
From Cadence’s perspective, nothing was wrong. She was just innocently indulging in vigorous physical intimacy with her eager stud. The intense breeding with the energetic human felt so right, so natural, and her heart fluttered at the brief thought of bearing his foal.
You two fervently expressed your primal lust for each other through your sweaty bodies,  
blissfully mating freely in lush nature without a care in the world. Coherent thought was virtually absent from their lust-addled minds, reducing them to their base instincts and leaving a very horny mare and her eager stud passionately enjoying the simple pleasures of life.
It wasn’t long before you once again felt a growing pressure in your loins. You immediately plunged your twitching member all the way into her gushing snatch, and erupted your sticky load into her wet tunnel. Cadence squealed in delight as ropes of your thick seed shot deep inside her and splattered across her squeezing depths.
The sensation of your hot cum spurting into her over and over again resulted an intense orgasm of her own that flooded her body with pure ecstasy. Her gushing lovehole rhythmically tightened and loosened around your spurting shaft in a desperate attempt to milk you of every last drop of your sticky spunk.
Your bodies convulsed in overwhelming pleasure for over almost a minute before your shared orgasms faded to make way for a satisfying afterglow. Cadence briefly rubbed her sweaty haunches into your groin, savoring the mild twitches elicited out of your spent length before pulling it out of her worn pussy.
Your softening member slipped free of her love canal with a single movement. Cadence uttered a small gasp as she felt your mixed fluids gush free from her used marehood, and spill to the ground with a wet splat.
After cleaning yourselves up, you followed Cadence back to the ongoing reception. Along the way, she explained that her aunts placed a tracking spell on you to always know your whereabouts, hence why she was able to find you so quickly. She stressed that they did it out of concern, in case you were either kidnapped or mistaken for a feral monster.
You both arrived back where everyone else was was at, and Shining Armor and Twilight galloped towards Cadence on sight. According to the unicorn siblings, she felt compelled to search for you on her own despite your short absence. After embracing you and each other in a group hug in celebration for your assured safety, they proceeded to meet up with Twilight’s friends, who were conversing with Celestia and Luna.
While no one was looking, Cadence briefly flashed a lustful smirk at you.
“Later, stud.”
You felt a chill down your spine, quickly realizing that the sultry look given to you was a silent promise for more “private time” with her.
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There was an attempt
It had been one thousand years since the Royal Sisters had been separated, and no matter how much time had passed since their long awaited reconciliation, Celestia would always insist upon “making up for lost time”.
Unfortunately for Luna, one of said reasons for her descent into Nightmare Moon was happening to her once more, and within the privacy of her own bedchambers no less.
Even now, Celestia couldn’t help but relish how impossibly good and tight her sister’s long-untouched marehood was, and deeply savored the velvety feel of her insides wrapping snugly around her entire length as she claimed Luna in yet another incestuous embrace.
Next to her marehood, however, Luna’s plump haunches were also another aspect of her Celestia had loved indulging herself in. Being of slightly-above average sizes since their owner’s purification by the Elements of Harmony, they have recently started to rival her elder sisters’ in terms of alluring size and heft.
While she would normally take her sweet time wedging her muzzle into her pillowy moon-emblazoned cheeks and lapping away at her enticing marehood, she was simply content in feeling her ample twin moons jiggle like gelatin against her pounding hips.
Just like their previous sessions, Celestia was only feeling preoccupied by the intense sexual gratification that came from ravishing her helpless little sister to her heart’s content, and paid no heed to the gentle sobbing coming from her unwilling partner.
Before she knew it, Celestia had felt her hefty sack contract against her groin, and the hot load brimming in her loins was soon expelled out her swollen cocktip and into Luna’s waiting womb.
It was all too good for Celestia to stop, with powerful shudders emitted by the sweaty bodies of both partners as her thick sperm repeatedly gushed into her little sister’s uterus.
It would be a few moments before Celestia’s orgasm would finally taper off, and she spent the duration of her afterglow watching as the pained, sorrowful expression Luna had slowly morphed into a look of solemn acceptance.
A gentle smile creeped its way onto Celestia’s face at the sight, pleased to see her sister calmed down. As she was still mounted atop her, her forehooves wrapped tight around Luna’s midsection while her flaccid member remained buried inside her sister’s used entrance.
Celestia inched her muzzle close to the back of Luna’s head, blowing a puff of hot air into her twitching right ear before whispering her thoughts.
Celestia: “Artemis. That would be a good name for our foal, don’t you think”?
Luna could only nod her head in agreement as she had her eyes fixed onto a nearby wall.
Celestia: “Yes, it certainly would be. Still, it is a shame Cadance wouldn’t allow me name hers.”
Luna nodded again.
Celestia: “She knew having children with Shining Armor was all but impossible, and yet she insisted on naming hers herself”.
Luna just kept nodding.
Celestia: “She insisted on naming it “Flurry Heart” instead of Princess Skyla like I suggested.
Luna briefly thought her head was going to fall loose with all the nodding.
Celestia: “But, oh well. I still have you and Twilight.”
Luna was beginning to feel dizzy from…
Wait… what did she mean with Twilight?
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