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(IDEA) The Stepford Equestrians. (Possible Name Change?)


I have an idea in mind and I’m not sure if I really want to write it.
Basically, Trixie would have an idea to go back in time, in order to find some old technology, old people, something, I’unno. It doesn’t matter just yet, but anyway. Trixie’d go back in time and cause a rip in time. Of course, everything goes smoothly, for now.
She’s walking around and whatnot, (keep in mind, this’ll probably be an anthro orientated fanfic) and (not to mention, heavily ‘stereotypical’ and sexist) upon meeting a few people and noticing the heavy female discrimination of the year, the one she teleported to, 1950s. Of course, she tries to act all great and powerful, but eventually, just wants to get the hell out of there. She returns to the portal she came through, and jumps through it, not eager to return. When she comes back to the time she’s actually from, everything seems to be alright. She returns to her little cart and heads off to sleep.
Unfortunately, Trixie has rough nightmares of said sexual discrimination. Although they didn’t seem that bad when she was in the moment, the actual time, that is. Floozy women, grown men being subtly superior in a way that everything seemed perfectly fine, not to mention, all those ads on the signs and whatnot, using the phrase ‘That’s right! A woman can open it!’ as a way to sell the product. It’s all very bland, and something that eventually changed over time. Something that was just… there, really. And it had happened, but it wasn’t now…
Trixie tries to tell herself these things, but she can’t stop being so dramatic about it. Shivering at night and unable to think straight. She needs help, she needs Twilight Sparkle.
Her being a Princess now, Trixie non-doubtfully thinks she can help her. Upon meeting her, she’s returning from Canterlot, as something seems very wrong with Princess Luna. She had been acting much like Trixie, only worse. Of course, this isn’t noticed until later. Reluctantly, Trixie tells her what happened and Twilight tsks at the thought. Of course, she scolds her for trying such an idiotic thing, but of course, she’s willing to help the distressed mare. She’s hooked up to various machines and magical equipment and shut off to sleep.

In short, these time broken beings who ‘are’ and ‘aren’t’ existing at all, from Trixie’s mess-up come out of Trixie’s dreams and into Equestria through the equipment Twilight has set up. They take over and the sexist propaganda begins. Like a disease, it spreads, and one city by another, they’re taken over by Trixie’s nightmare. The women become simple-minded and eager to please, and the men become dominant. I don’t plan to make it a fully fledged series, mostly just an idle fan-fic for me to fiddle with. You know, a simple ‘Oh, you, wife!~’ over-dress spankings, and over the kitchen table whilst cooking sex, and all the way up to sexist BDSM ‘showing this female who’s boss’ kinda’ stuff.
Of course, the entire thing isn’t decided, and I’m just showing off the structure of what I think’ll happen, but I want to hear other people’s opinions on the idea before I start.
Thanks for reading.
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