It's Going to be Okay

Joseph Raszagal
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Emily Brickenbrackle III
So… let's say there's a guy. He isn't an incredibly important guy, but he's been there all the same. For all he knows he was probably around 21 to 22-years-old when the crazy rollercoaster that he climbed onto first began going up and down. All he really knows, even as this coaster slowly returns to where it started is…

That he's sad. He's sad because something very simple, but something very important regardless, is suddenly coming to an end in his life. It's something that's quite difficult for him to put into words, the sort of thing that somehow changed both everything and nothing at all when it comes to his common thought processes. It's almost as though he's being forced to describe his feelings towards something that a million others love dearly as well… but such words might very well just be beyond him.

All he really does know is that there was a dream that he had… an odd one filled with pastel-colored ponies. They lived, they laughed, they were honest, they were kind, they were generous, they were loyal, and beyond all else, they were absolutely magical. The magic that he saw in these odd horses completely blinded his senses; every single one of them. It was as if a force suddenly came over him… something so much stronger than the anger or the depression he had been living with. As though he were struck by a lightning bolt, he comes to a revelation. He understands all over again the same things that are so easily understood when one is a small child.

And with this inspiration comes a thousand more understandings. Among them, how to be a better friend. How to take himself and raise himself to a better standard, especially towards those around him who have always deserved a better friend out of him. He learns how to be a better person from this strange dream. He learns how to help, not only his dearest but also himself.

This strange, odd dream… these ponies from another world… bring him around a corner that he had never even considered.

Perhaps, corny as it may sound, friendship really is magic.

I have so many of you to thank for the fun that I've had over these years. We've ranted and raved over the silliest things, but we've also enjoyed each other's company just for the sake of it. We've held each other up when we knew that our friends needed support and we've been supported at times when we thought that we might be at our lowest points.

I'm proud of you, Derpibooru. And I'm thankful as well. You were there to catch me once, even if you don't remember. But I do remember. You caught me when I fell and for that I'm thankful.

Friendship may be lost sometimes, due to things like distance and time. But still, the memories will never fade. I'll always remember the fun that I've had here, just as much as the fun that I've had with the show. Thank you all for the gift that you've given me.

I have no idea how I could ever begin to return the favor. You've all really been my very best friends.
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