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Looking for a lost fics

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Does anyone know where I can find a story called My Brother’s Keeper by One Terrible Writer? It’s suppose to be the first TwilightxShining Armor fic that came out but I can’t find it anywhere.
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also looking for a fic.  
real old one too, prolly s1.  
dunno the name though.  
its about a mare who’s talent is bodybuilding. (apparently she looks like a cross tween snowflake and big mac)Pretty sure her name is Dumbelle or such.  
she’s doing a crate lifting contest with mac to show off, and then Twilight and magic, and she starts freaking out over the point of her talent, yeah she’s really strong but what can she really Do with it? and then something about a river barge and possibly pudding.
Background Pony #1471
looking for an oldie where earth ponies take over ponyville, and capture all the unicorns (and possibly pesagi).
their lead by applejack and call themselves Terras (or something similer)
think it was called rise of terra’s but cant find.
Background Pony #1471
looking for  
Fluttershy is zapped to earth.  
about size of dog.  
strength issues due to ‘gravity being heavier’  
she smokes
show is similar but diff (foalproofed) from her world  
Cutie Mark Chronicles discussed, differentials on ‘adulthood’  
falls in love with human who cares for and hides her.  
I think they sex.
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