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More than just a Princess

Prince Mainesly
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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The Consigliere Colt
(Before i begin i just want to thank everypony who reads my work and hope it entertains you all. Chapters will be in segments btw… for more information check my profile and then visit my DeviantArt where this and many others are posted)

(CRASH) Thunder echoed hard outside of a Cantorlot hospital during one stormy night. A monitor makes beeping noises as two doctors chat quietly to each other outside of a room. One doctor frowns looking at his sheet. "It's… not looking good for her…" They both look into the room to see a Light gray mare on a bed. She looked sad and weak. The look on her face said it all. A doctor opens the door and she looks over at him. She chuckles faintly. "I'm not gonna make it are I? The doctors ears fall and he frowns looking down with a sigh. "I…I'm afraid not Mrs. Mainesly… I'm so sorry…" Sasha shakes her head and lies her head on her pillow staring up at the ceiling. She looked a little weathered as the machine beeps slowly next to her. "I don't blame you… You guys did your best…" Her voice breaks and she looks at him. "I.. Just wished i could have seen them grow…" Sasha then sniffs and she looks up trying not to cry. The doctor speaks softly. "They're in the lobby… did… you want me to get them?" Sasha then nods as she tries to be strong. "please… I need to at least say goodbye to them." The doctor leaves and Sasha grips her sheet trying hard to hold back the tears. She had been battling this illness for 2 years and knew that it was a matter of time, She tried so many times to prepare for this moment but she still wasn't ready for it.

The doctor trots out to the lobby to see a Nurse watching two colts. He looks around. "Nu..nurse.?" The nurse turns and then frowns a little. "O..oh… " She then looks at both little colts. "Come along you two.." Both gray colts smile and follow the mare happily. Neon speaks "Yay! We're gonna get to visit mom finally!" Cory is excited as he hops up and down next to neon. "i know! gosh we were waiting for sooooooo long!" The Nurse almost wants to cry but she keeps her strength and leads them down the hall. The doctor opens the door with a soft sigh. Neon and Cory quickly both run in and fly up to Sasha happily. "MOMMY!!" the colts excitingly exclaim. Sasha giggles softly and she welcomes both onto her bed hugging them tightly. "My boys… Mmmm… " she sniffles a little as she holds them with a heavy heart. Cory wiggles but then looks up at her. "Mommy when are we going back home?" Neon nods and tilts his head curiously "Yeah!" Sasha sniffes and smiles at them sadly. "oh… you'll get to go home soon.. It won't be for a while though…" Cory frowns "awww… oh well… at least we get to be with you mommy!" Neon yawns and huddles into her side "Yeah! hehe! i just wanna leave this place soon…" Sasha hugs and begins petting both colts as they lay with her. Her voice breaks "Yes.. You'll get to be with me for this evening." She is trying hard not to break down as she watches both her sons cuddle up to her sides and chest. Neon murrs as he closes his eyes. "I love you mommy.." Cory nods and smiles nuzzling her neck. "I love you too! Squee!" Sasha sniffs and nuzzles her head against Cory's head. "Oh mommy loves you both so much, I could have never wished for better sons then you two!" Sasha pets them both as she holds them against her.

A couple hours have passed and both colts are asleep. Sasha is breathing faintly as she tries to keep her eyes open. "N…no… don't you take me yet… i won't let you!" Her head gently tilts as she is fighting a losing battle with her body. Her arm gently brushes off Cory's side waking him up. Cory mumbles and opens his eyes. "hmm… Mo…Mommy?" He looks up to see her not looking good. He frowns and becomes scared. "Mommy… mommy whats wrong?? You look so tired." Sasha sniffs and she tries to reassure him. "Cory my son… it's gonna be okay… Mommy's just… sick.." Cory whines and he can see she is struggling to stay awake. "Mommy! you need help! i'll go get it!" Cory turns and he is quick to jump off the bed. Sasha holds out her arm weakly. "Cory! wai….wait… n..no…" Cory opens up the slightly jarred door making enough noise to stir up Neon. He yawns and wakes up. "wh…wh… Mom?" Sasha is quick to try and keep him on her. Neon shakes his head trying to wake up as he looks up at her. "Mommy….? " the look on her face looked so weak and it woke up neon fully. "Mom! Mommy what's wrong?!" Sasha whimpers as she is too weak to cry. "Neon… baby… Please… Look after Cory.." Neon who is a couple years older then Cory gasped a little and his ears fell. "Mo..mom?" he looked into her eyes and knew exactly what was happening. "Mom… no…" Sasha smiled heartbroken at him "Be strong my son … I love you… so much" Neon refused to believe what was happening and he hugged her tightly starting to cry. " MOM DON'T GO!" Sasha mumbled out softly as her eyes started to close "I love you both… I'll…. always… be… with….you…" Neon cried with a broken heart and then he gasped as the machine flatlined next to the bed. He turned with a horrified face. "N…no… mom… MOMMY!!!"

Cory runs back into the room and jumps onto the bed. "I got help mommy!! don't you worry!" He then frowns seeing her closed eyed face. "Mo..mommy?" Neon is crying with his head on her chest. Cory is taken aback as he tries to push on Sasha's shoulder. "mom….Mommy?! Neon!! What's wrong with mommy??? why is she asleep!?" Neon tried to tell him but could only mumble out "Moms go…gone.." A Stallion comes in looking concerned and then he frowns looking at the machine. Cory's eyes water up. " Mommy wake up!" he pushes on her shoulder again. "MOM I GOT HELP!" He begins to cry as he is frantically trying to get her to wake up. "MOMMY WAKE UP I GOT HELP!" HE turns furiously upset. 'HELP HER!!!" The Doctors ears fall and he bows his head. "There…is… nothing i can do.. i'm so sorry…" Cory growls as tears streak down his face. 'IF YOU WON'T HELP I'LL FIND SOMEONE WHO CAN!" Cory Runs and bolts out of the room whimpering and pleading for anyone to help his mom. The doctor gasps as he goes to the door trying to chase him. "WAIT!!! WAIT COME BACK!" Neon gasps as he leaps down still whimpering and he pleads. "LITTLE BROTHER!"

Cory runs down the halls trying to find anypony to help. "MOMMY'S SICK I NEED TO FIND HER HELP!" He refused to believe the entire situation and completely tried his heart to find another doctor. As he whipped around another corner he runs down another hallway only to have it dead end. "No!!! no one is here!!" The window rattles a little as thunder crashes outside. Cory sniffles and whimpers then gasps as he can see lights on at the castle in the distance. "The Princess!! She can help my mommy!!" He then tries hard and with all his strength gets the window latch unlocked. "I GOT IT!" He grunts and is able to push open the window and he flaps his little wings. " I gotta get to the princess for mommy!" He leaps out into the stormy outside and begins to fly. It's very difficult and he can barely see but he continues on with nothing but his mom on his mind. He had to help her, He refused to believe what happened at the hospital. "I gotta get to her!" he grunts and struggles in the rain as he falters a little. "wah!! oof!! it's so hard to see!" Thunder crashes again and he is not fazed. "Nothings gonna stop me! This is for mom!" He mumbles those words many times as he falters again. A gust of wind hits him in the face and he flies off to the left sharply. "woooahh!!" He grunts and grumbles trying to straighten back out.

Cory slowly but surely is getting closer to the castle and this makes him feel proud. "I'm getting there!" He thinks to himself as the storm rages on. For such a small colt he was really really trying his heart out. Another gust of wind pushed him down. "ooof!! ahhh!!" Cory grumbled and he started to fly higher in the storm. "Stupid wind!" He could see the castle in full view now. "Don't worry mom! I'm almost there! Everything is gonna be okay!" The storm raged on around him and he was having a hard time seeing again. "ugh…can't…. see…." Cory gets hit with another burst of wind and he flies off track a little but is able to recover. "no!!! i won't give up!" Cory is now close enough to see the doors to the castle and he trudges on with a groan. The storm was wearing him out greatly. "almo…almost there!!" He then smiles triumphant. 'I'M GONNA MAKE IT MOM! I'm gonna ge…" A flash of lightning flickers around him and a strong bolt of lightning hits his horn electrocuting him mid air. "AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" Cory cries out in pain as the electricity flows through his entire body and it's as if the bolt keeps hold of the colt as thunder crashes in the background.

As the lightning holds onto Cory in the air A cutie mark begins to form on his flank almost as if the electricity is carving it out on the fur itself. A Dark blue cloud with two white lightning bolts appear along with some Light blue sparks on the cloud and bolts. After the mark is fully developed the lightning releases the colt. Cory is unconscious as he begins free falling towards the ground leaving a small smoke trail behind him. The rain and storm continues on as Cory plummets and he smacks hard into the ground like a falling star. His momentum makes his body drag into the ground creating a crash path as he comes to stop about 25 yards after he hit. Where he stops is just a few feet away from the Castles Garden entrance from the back. A stallion looks outside curiously. "I dunno it sounded like something hit the ground outside." Another stallion guard trots over. "Can you see anything Simonoi?" Simonoi shakes his head and tries rubbing the window to see better. "No Girder I don't see… wait… wait i think i see something in the ground!"

Girder gasps and he tries looking for himself. "What is it?!" Simonoi opens the doors and the window curtains sway from the wind as it howls a little outside. "I don't know but i'm gonna go have a look!" Simonoi goes outside and keeps his guard up as he narrows his eyes slowly approaching the smoldering object. "What…the…" He looks and is shocked. "Holy Hooves!" He turns waving Girder over. "GIRDER IT'S A COLT!!" Girder runs outside to him. "WHAT?!" Sure enough he gets there and is stunned to see the silver colt in a small crater. "WHAT?! HOW?! What was he doing in the storm?!" Simonoi goes to pick him up but he gets shocked. 'YOWWZER!!!" He shakes his hoof and groans softly. "Owww!" Girder seeing this cringes and then uses his magic to pick up the colt carefully. "i got him!" Both guards retreat back into the castle and out of the storm. Girder lays Cory down on the ground "Simonoi go get some towels!" Simonoi nods and he quickly trots away. At this moment a voice is heard from across the way. "Simonoi? Girder? Is everything alright? Girder turns and frowns. "your majesty! We found a colt laying on the ground outside in the storm! Simonoi and i brought him as quick as we could!" Celestia gasps with wide eyes of disbelief as she trots over. Sure enough they were telling the truth. She frowns "Oh… you poor thing… what were you doing outside in this weather little one?" Celestia feels bad and stares at him as Simonoi comes back and quickly wraps him in a couple towels. Girder is unsure now. "Should we take him to the hospital Princess?" Celestia thinks about it and then shakes her head. "No… not right now… is he hurt?" Simonoi checks all around him and seems surprised. "Actually… he looks perfectly fine.." Girder tilts his head. "After that impact outside?" Simonoi nods. "Yeah… even… after that… strange…" Celestia observes him. "Hmm… " She notices how his horn is giving off static and she trots to the window looking up at the sky. Simonoi is curious. "Your majesty?" Celestia speaks. "He was just… laying out there?" Girder looks at Simonoi. "Yes Princess… it was a loud bang that Simonoi and i heard so we investigated…" Celestia trots back and frowns looking at the poor unconscious colt. "You'll be okay little one.. for now rest… We'll all solve this mystery come the morn" She looks at Simonoi. "Simonoi i want you to take him up to my quarters. I will watch him tonight that way i can be right there when he wakes" Simonoi nods and stands at attention. "Yes your majesty!" Celestia turns to Girder. "Girder I want you to go and rest up and as soon as the storm is over we'll take him to the hospital" Girder nods. "yes Princess!" Celestia turns as she departs to her bedroom in deep thought.

This is the end of chapter one…. I hope the start has gripped your attention… there is plenty more to come!
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