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My First Entry to Open up my MLP Storylines!

Prince Mainesly
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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The Consigliere Colt

Hello! This is Corang15. Deep breath And this will be my first entry in my hopes to capture audiences with my storylining skills. Please do note that i am not perfect by all of any means. My stories are about me in the world of Equestria and what could gone there in my eyes.

This is a big Disclaimer about my Stories. They will involve the Show characters of My Little Pony Friendship. I will also have Fan’s OC’s in my storyline. (OC’s that i have liked seeing in the 8 years of me being a fan of the show) They will also include my own OC’s such as myself, my two best friends in real life or ponies my friends and i thought of. I am giving credits to all pony oc’s to their creators and admit that certain OC’s are not mine whatsoever. I would credit one by one but that would take forever.. so i am doing it all at once. (please don’t be mad if your OC is in my story and you are not credited.. =( Its a group thank you and recognition)

Now… I will be publishing various Stories on my page. Not all of them will be the same except the world and time they are in. I will also state that a couple of my stories are going to be in an anthrofied world. My stories will include a mix of everything from Backstories to Fights to World travels to Serious mysteries. My aim is to entertain you… my audience, My amount of detail is godly so be prepared. Some of my work will be emotional meaning it could make you angry or happy or sad so you have been warned. (i can honestly maybe make you cry..) My work will also contain adultery at points. (prepare to hydrate because I can make a scene reeeaaaallll sexy….) Also…. just as a sidenote… i’m kind of a casanova so… heh…. I’m sure i’m not the first one to be with different ponies in a loving way… >.<

Everything i write is from my heart and from what my mind is telling me. I write word by word, No scripts. My memory is very strong in my writing so believe me no character, plot twist or climax will ever go unanswered. (i can cliffhang like a son of a flank but i won’t torture you forever) My only request from you guys is positive constructive Criticism, I’m VERY sensitive to negative feedback so please be easy and patient with me. Also part of my stories may not align with what has happened in the show. it’s my world and my universe though right?

Now then…. here are a list of Stories i plan to do.

The Early years of Cory Mainesly (Colthood and introduction to friends)
Main Storyline (will be in parts and will come whenever i have time so expect chapters, also endless)
The Legend of the Cat! (Will be an intense action wild Story)
Cory’s Second Life in Manehatten (An introduction into how Cory gets involved in some… affairs. This Story will clear up any questions in the main Storyline)
The Rescue of a Spy! (Intense backstory on Aryanne Heinrich)
The Ballad of Tommy Delavatura! (backstory on one of my few OC’s and also another case of blend in with the Main Storyline)
The making of a Beautiful Storm (Romantic heartfelt backstory)

More Stories will appear over time i’m sure… Check up on my status’ for new works!

Equestria Girl Styled Stories. (Anthro)

EQ Main Storyline (an alternate life of me that starts off from a pony world, it’s got a sudden intro)
“Family” Affairs (Intense mystery with lots of depth and unsure tense moments)
The heart of Cory’s drive. (short fic about Cory and where his heart lies today, its actiony and sad)

Again i’m sure more things will appear. hence check my status for updates!

I really am excited to start doing this. Writing my stories is a great way to ease and calm my mind and also leaves my mind out of dark numbing places. I hope you all enjoy my work. <3 I love everyone who reads my work. For more information. Click below for my DA!


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