NEW BOOK TO BE PUBLISHED, moddlers and wallpaper creators

Audiowave Dasher

Hello. I am the author for a new book called "The Legend Of Catasis Velon and the Caemarie." The story has been two years in the making and will be available in book form only. It is an adventure story with all new characters, and some old faces as well. This will be a stand alone book and has over 100,000 words, or 250+ pages. I am a writer, and musician of 25 years and have also contributed two songs to the pony fandom, "Paper White" PMV video and "Fly into the night", both on youtube. You can join my active FaceBook group which has over 2300 people, I will link below. I also created 2 promo videos on youtube to promote the story and publication. I am also looking for some moddlers and visual artists to create some scenes from the book. Please join my FB group for additional information.Thanks for everyones support!
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