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Fluttershy and Harry the bear got a large, shiny beach ball in many colors at the fundraiser. That early summer morning was the horny pony and the bear grabbing the creaking beach ball for over two hours by a cave near Fluttershy's cottage. The pony felt the soft beach ball body between her hooves, as the bear felt the bloated bag of plastic between his paws. As horny Harry rubbed the creaking beach ball against Flutterhy's flank and butt for over three hours, were relaxed Fluttershy masturbating for a long time. Fluttershy reached her orgasm at noon after masturbating in long time, as she felt how the bear brushed the creaking soft beach ball against her flank and butt. Then were the bear and the pony catching the large squeaking ball of plastic again for over two hours.
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