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I know that some fics already have one but what songs would you put in your fic? Do they have any connection to the plot (It could be a Hans Zimmer type of soundtrack as well)?
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I often have soundtracks that connect with my own fanfics.
Of Night and Stone, a crossover with the 90’s cartoon Gargoyles, has a Pearl Jam soundtrack to hammer in that 90’s atmosphere! (Though the Gargoyles opening theme also fits.)
In another one of mine, The Best of Both Worlds, Pipsqueak is depicted as being a huge fan of the band Van Haylen, so why not throw some real Van Halen music in there? Earlier in the fic he’s also heard listening to Hot for Teacher, and two of the original chapter titles were Secrets and Why Can’t This Be Love. Hell, even the story’s title is a Van Halen song!

I love those guys, almost from the very beginning I was thinking of having using some tracks from them and now that I’m a little bit organized (haven’t written down anything yet, have no idea where to start) I also have some other songs to use as well.
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