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Spyro - A good Crossover for MLP?

Poll results: Spyro - Good for Crossovers?

100.00% 14 votes
0.00% 0 votes

Poll ended with 14 votes.

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So I always thought to myself that if there ever had to be a crossover of MLP (aside from the many fans have speculated already such as Doctor Who for obvious reasons) wouldn’t there be an existing one currently present that we just haven’t realized? One with primary magic focus, some tech here and there, and gorgeous world’s? And of course to go without saying it already carries sentient feral creatures as well as many anthromorphic company too. I’m speaking of course of Spyro the Dragon.

Spyro has a similar atmosphere, his child friendly environment along with his world and kingdom hopping via portals and hot air balloons is very identical to how MLP handles it’s transportation through mirrors and hot air balloons as well. While of course most portals in Spyro usually tend to lead to different towns within that kingdom it is not as though they don’t actually fly or traverse there through normal means. You would be quick to notice Spyro’s world is aware of it’s video game logic so in actuality when Spyro hops through a portal he is more than likely simply flying as shown by the loading screens. Need proof? The balloonist takes him to different worlds by flying, however the difference is that Spyro has to rest in balloon because the flight is much longer than just a town hop.
(Tl;dr - the portals are more for the players to find the level they want, not for Spyro to go through… Except when he goes to Avalar which clearly shows world’s WAY farther away so portals are needed)

So to sum up you could make the argument that the dragon REALMS are perhaps their own world or at the very least their own continent. I know what you’re thinking- MLP doesn’t have continents like Spyro. Actually, they do. Equestria seems to be a sovereign state, but most would call the surrounding lands by mistake all part of “Equestria” similar to how people call “Africa” a country despite the fact it is actually made up of several smaller kingdoms. Equestria is probably either the one sovereign state OR is the entire continent while the other is most likely called “Equina”. So pick which you think is which country or continent for Equestria and Equina.

How do we know Equestria/Equina is a sovereign state? While we can’t say for certain if the Diamond Dog tunnels are their own kingdom, we can however say for certain that the Dragon Lands and the Buffalo Lands are their own area. Even those doubting the Buffalo Lands have to agree that Yakyakistan makes at least three (four if you count the Crystal Empire as separate from Equestria/Equina) which qualifies for a continent.

Now as for Spyro there seems to be a difference between their kingdoms. While I won’t go too deep as to explain the difference between Artisans, Peacekeepers, and what not, for the sake of simplicity let us agree they are all the same kingdom. Perhaps they are just states similar to the American states. Why does this matter? Spyro does have an entirely separate country known as Avalar. This is similar to how MLP has a different country far off known as the Changeling Kingdom which clearly isn’t part of the continent of Equestria/Equina. So now we know they both function the same way.

Lastly the other world’s. I know what you’re thinking- Spyro does not have other world’s. Well even if we don’t use the second continuity with Cynder we can still use the first continuity. How? One villain dubbed the Sorcerer had lived within the Shadow Realm. Just like how MLP had other universes such as the chaos realm and the mirror worlds.

Also both worlds prove magic exists in their environments naturally. For example the Dazzlings admit there is no magic in the Equestrian Girls world. The Sorceress in Spyro also confesses that the dragons are responsible for the world’s magic. Similar to how the Crystal ponies provide love magic.

Magic, similar tech, similar transportation, other world’s, feral and anthro sentience, and even gold/gems as a use of currency. All this being said, is Spyro a good use for crossover material?

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I always imagined how Spyro would kick all dragon asses in the dragon migration.

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