Star-Crossed: Ships that you like to watch sink?

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Now, I don’t mean ships that you dislike and want to fail. I mean pairings that you legitimately enjoy because you like watching the tragedy and pain of the relationship failing, for the sake of feels. You want these kids to make it, but at the same time your interest is in the tragedy of it.
Example: Cupcakes a la Pinkiedash. I enjoy this setup because of one specific parameter: Pinkie realizes only too late she has murdered her lover, and the fun of it comes from her tragic revelation and her despair at having executed her beloved. The enjoyment emerges from seeing these people in pain, because you DO like them and feel for their tragedy.
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I don’t need Doctorderpy either. I guess, a certain episode will make it clear about this shipping.
In case The Doctor got another mare, Derpy can return to poor Raindrops or Golden Harvest, and they’re gonna be happy forever.
The end
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Because COLORING!!
Ships that I like to see sink purely for the aesthetic value of the emotions involved with them breaking up?
Gosh, I… I’ve actually never given that any thought. It’s an intriguing idea, but I can’t think of anything matching that description offhand. I guess I just tend to gravitate more towards the positivity involved in successful relationships than the tragedy of failed ones.
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