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One year had passed since Luna had returned at Nightmare Night. Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Twilight, Rainbow Dash and Spike was together in Raritys home while Rarity made Nightmare Night dresses for her friends. It were one of the last summer days while the sun was sinking behind the hills. Fluttershy was always home on Nightmare Night but she always knew that Applejack would come by for a sleepover that night. Later that night was the ponies and Spike trying to sleep while they waited for that special night. The ponies was wearing the same dresses as last year while they all met in Raritys house. In the meanwhile was ponies busy with preparing for the festival. There was fruits and candy for sale everywhere, while the band from Canterlot came up on the stage.
“I am going out and work with Applejack and Spike now so see you later tonight girls.” Twilight said to her friends in her Starswirl dress and beard.
So that night was Twilight working with Applejack and Spike at their carnival games. Some ponies was dressed up like ghosts, some like space travelling ponies and another like a shark. The Cutie Mark Crusaders they came also to the marketplace too that night. Luna came by in her chariot while the surprised crowd at the marketplace bowed for her.
“Hey Luna great to see you again.” Twilight said to Luna that came by at the farmer ponys carnival games.
“Nice to see you again too and I remember you Applejack from last year.” Luna said to Applejack.
“And now let the fun be doubled!” Luna shouted in her Canterlot voice.
Later on was Applejack, Spike and Twilight going around at the marketplace and Applejack and her friends was going to the other carnival games too that night. The baby dragon and the farmer pony they both danced to the band on the stage too.
”Good Evening everypony we have some music for tonight!” The Mayor said on the stage while the band from Canterlot playing.
The alicorn and her friends went to the park after the dance and there they met with Pinkie Pie, a crowd of fillies and Rainbow Dash on a cloud. he pegasus pony and her friends they walked around the park for a while under the moonlight. There was a view over the distant mountains and hills from that park. Nopony else was out in the quiet park at that time where the statute of Nightmare Moon was standing. Then the pegasus pony told a long story about how she and her friends went out at Nightmare Night for the first time as fillies. Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy was like The Cutie Mark Crusaders at that time. At that Nightmare Night was they teaming up with filly Pinkie Pie. After the story was Rainbow Dash and her friends returning to the crowded marketplace.
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