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so apparently, I was born a few years ago on this day...
"Years??? Don't you mean 'Decades'?"
Medi, stop.
"But I thought you valued honesty?"
Not today I don't!
"It's a reason to celebrate!"
No reason to celebrate after 21!
"You're being foalish! And you're too old to-
You're damn right! I'm too old to celebrate this day!
"Do I need to call her?"
"The one who has, Quote- dental work older than you?"
*fumes Fine! I turned fifty today. Fu$%ing Five-Zero! Are you happy you flapping, furry, tattle-tale!
"I'm super happy! Happy Birthday, Blackbird!"
Ugh.. thanks...
"Are those happy tears?"
No, I'm allergic to sappy, hug-happy, flapping, cat-mice-bat-ponies.
"I love you too, Blackbird!"
No reason given
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