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Diamond Tiara she had her "cute-ceañera" party in Sugarcube Corner on a sunny spring day, and Applebloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle was there. Sugarcube Corner was filled with balloons, banners and more as usual by Pinkie Pie. Later was Applejack dancing with Pinkie Pie. After the party was Applejack and Pinkie Pie taking a walk in the forest by Sweet Apple Acres, as they took up in the hills by the farm.

"As I was younger and began to applebuck, was I also learning Rainbow Dash to applebuck!" Applejack told Pinkie Pie.

The two ponies wandered up on one of the highest hills, as they watched the distant mountains. Later that night, was Pinkie Pie ad Applejack sleeping in Applejack's tent in the forest. That next day, was Princess Celestia calling The Mane Six together in her garden. Applejack was so excited to meet the princess personal again, as they knew each other since the were fillies where Twilight had invited her up for a royal visit.

"I called you because I had a prophecy about my family, and few years ahead you will travel to their castle beyond the forest of Sweet Apple Acres!" Princess Celestia said to her friends.

"Hay, is that all?" Applejack asked Princess Celestia.

"Not yet, as I sensed a third alicorn and royal wedding too!" the princess told.

Twilight had read about the third alicorn, as Pinkie Pie looked forward to the wedding that the princess told would be one of the biggest events ever in Equestria. Later that day, was Princess Celestia showing books in her library about the royal family she had beyond the mountains.
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