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Where is human sunset shimmer?


think about it. Sunset went from horse world to human world, but we have heard nothing of native human sunset, and we know she lives around the school because everypony else which lived in ponyville’s human counterpart goes to that school (except twi who is a shut in which is self taught, and all adult horses)  
So where is she?
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FiM writer (just finished the EqGirls 3 script, extremely pleased with how they dealt with Human Twilight, reading this):  
“Ooooooh shit. that’s right
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Sunset isn’t from Ponyville that we know of, is she? It seems the matchup is  
Ponyville -> Canterlot High  
Canterlot -> Crystal Prep  
(Crystal Empire -> …Pony Institute of Technology?)

I expect she’s around Zecora’s age; if Pony Sunset hadn’t gone through the mirror, she’d be about seven years older than the Mane Six. (Assuming ponies age on the same timeframe as humans, that is.)
My guess is that she’s on the city council. It’s a humble step towards power, but what she really wants is to be a leader, not to be powerful; the Canterlot (or San Franciscolt?) city council is as high as she cares to rise for the moment.
I’ve had a plot bunny (not that kind of plot) kicking around for a while, in which Human Sunset visits CHS after the first movie, asking why there are rumors of her, of all people, sabotaging the Fall Formal with a gas explosion and fireworks, or whatever it is that happened there…
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