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Wolfenstein: The New Order Reenacted by ponies cast.

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Mal Hearts
Here’s my list of ponies who would play the characters from Wolfenstein the New Order, in order of appearance.
Big Macintosh - William J. Blazkowicz.
Spitfire - Fergus Reid.
Rainbow Dash - Probst Wyatt III (He is listed third,even though he appeared after Prendergast and Blondie, because his voice is heard on the radio.)
Soarin’ - Prendergast
Blonde Pony - Blondie (Because his name was really self explanatory)
King Sombra - General Wilhelm “Deathshead” Strasse
Nurse Redheart - Anya.
The Doctor Pony (I don’t know his name) - Anya’s Father.
Another Pony Nurse - Anya’s Mother.
Shinning Armor - Keller.
Granny Smith - Anya’s Grandmother.
A Old Stallion - Anya’s Grandfather.
Trixe (older) - Frau Engel.
Prince Blueblood - Bubi.
Bulk Biceps - Max Hass.
Aryanne - Klaus Kreutz.
Photo Finish - Caroline Becker.
Twilight Sparkle - Tekla. (Fergus Timeline.)
DJ Pon-3 - J. (Wyatt Timeline)
Spike - Bobby Bram.
Zecora - Bombate.
Doctor Whooves - Set Roth.
Rule 63 Pinkamena Diane Pie - The Knife.
Captain Pony - Captain Anton Kreiger. (Alias: U-Boat Captain.)
Do you agree with my selection? If so, or even if not, post a reply. I’d love some feedback.
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Mal Hearts
Note: By “Listed here” I mean’t listed before he actually appeared, if I went by direct appearance, Prendergast and Blondie would have been listed before Wyatt.
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