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[NSFW] Conditioning (Shining Armor/Discord/Big Macintosh) (CW: Consensual Hypnosis, Pet Play)
Posted by ravaged angle
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(NSFW) Futa on male
Posted by Davitronisprime
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Random Story Prompts (Possibly Sad?)
Posted by PurplePresident
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You're damned if you do...
Posted by 0jackie0
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Posted by MockeryLloyd
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Wolfenstein: The New Order Reenacted by ponies cast.
Posted by TheMultiBrony21
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Missing Vore/Digestion/Disposal Clopfic?
Posted by Background Pony #3477
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Any good slave stories? [NSFW]
Posted by Gadgetphile
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Guerras y Alianzas:Genesis
Posted by Badnoir
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[NSFW] Your favorite Clopfics
Posted by QuelloScelto
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Elements of the Future - Chapter 1: Hope
Posted by TankCop
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Age of Despair: Rarity's Quest (EqG in FiM world) [NSFW with some Grimdark]
Posted by Background Pony #301E
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my first fanfiction
Posted by Clereen
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Dome (NSFW)
Posted by Applepie1973
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Are there any stories where Vinyl Scratch talks?
Posted by DragonBoi471
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For my first fic, those teenage dragons.
Posted by Changeling#209458
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My Little Pony: Wrath of the Ram
Posted by Jarkes
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[NSFW] My Random Clopfics
Posted by Erosthanatos
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Just Your Normal Everyday High Class Family - Pilot (IN WRITING!)
Posted by Dave33333
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Story Wars
Posted by And Brother I Hurt People
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Daring Do Fanfiction ideas?
Posted by Dave33333
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Fanfic Writer for Hire!
Posted by Dave33333
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Just came back from FIM
Posted by unicornlord
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Anyone want a free story idea?
Posted by MuS
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Sweetie belle x Garble
Posted by Background Pony #B4A3
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