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Size: 1440x2810 | Tagged: explicit, grimdark, artist:cicada-media, spike, twilight sparkle, anthro, g4, abdominal bulge, ahegao, an egg being attacked by sperm, anal, anal creampie, armpits, begging, breast expansion, breasts, busty twilight sparkle, clothes, comic, creampie, crossbreeding, crying, cum, cum in mouth, cum in nipples, cum inflation, cum out eyes, cum out nose, dialogue, female, impossible fit, impossibly large penis, impregnation, inflation, interspecies, male, maledom, mind break, nipple penetration, nipples, nudity, older, older spike, oral, oral creampie, penetration, penis, prehensile penis, rape, sex, socks, speech, spike raping twilight sparkle, spike want, stockings, straight, tentacle penis, tentacle porn, tentacles, text, thigh highs, unwanted impregnation, vagina, vaginal
Warning: NSFW