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Why do you think Pokemon is still going strong, while Digimon and Yu-Gi-Oh just sort of faded away?
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@Background Pony #C6C2
My personal theory is just that Pokemon hit the market with just the right balance in terms of creativity, mechanics, and media. So it exploded in popularity.
Thanks to that, its been able to ride on the force of its own name to stay visible, while changing things up a little over time.
Meanwhile Digimon and Yu-Gi-Oh just didn't hit the mark in exactly the same way, so they didn't get the burst of widespread attention. And likely got overshadowed by Pokemon.
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There has to be more secondary endeavors outside of Gyms in SwSh. Such as Contest or something like it?
Because the last thing we need is ending up with yet another Iris in the anime who has no apparent goals that corrolate to the games.

We probably gonna have another anime-exclusive Contest-like events
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