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Post all your Steven Universe stuff!

Opinions? Tell us!
Fanart? Put 'em here!
Theories about the future or backstory of the show? Always welcome!
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Yes! Good to see this show getting more love. It started out good and then got really amazing!

It's not "Gravity Falls" good. But it's probably my favorite show on CN right now. Haven't had a cartoon produce as many feels as this one does since the old days of Hey Arnold and the music of this show is only 2nd to MLP for me.

I'm quite pleased to hear the second season is already starting up this week, too. No wait between seasons if always awesome.

Yeah, with the currently open plot threads, both the show and the plot have the potential to become huge.

Off the top of my head, we have:

-Jasper and Lapis fused as Malachite at the bottom of the ocean.
-Peridot on the loose.
-Homeworld is bound to notice that they haven't returned.
-The Diamond Authority.

-The Kindergarten.
-The Corrupt Gems, who can potentially be healed.
-Homeworld and other gem controlled planets.

@Dr Outback

WARNING: Incoming drama

In a nutshell, Equestria Daily's Calpain announced that he's making Beach City Bugle, a sister-site to EQD that's centered around Steven Universe. Brony hating SJWs on Tumblr and Twitter throw a tantrum upon hearing this. They start claiming that Bronies are invading their "safe space" and trying to take over "their" fandom, spewing their usual anti-brony rants, and proceeded to badger Calpain until he gave up and scrapped the idea.

You can read more about it on Horse News and their sister-site Universe News.

@Dr Outback
That would require logic, which would conflict with their blind hatred.

Anyone else looking forward to the upcoming Steven Universe/Uncle Grandpa crossover episode? My initial knee-jerk reaction was to groan, but after watching some of the recent episodes of UG, I'm rapidly warming up to the idea. Between SU's writing and UG's solid jokes, I'm feeling pretty optimistic.
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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012
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Here, friends. I made fan art for the baby war:

Check the comments for a special guest appearance by Dragondicks. You'll know it when you see it.
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