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And I'm thankful for it when I'm doing math notation. Textile doesn't support superscripts or subscripts at the end of a word, like for exponents or indices, so I have to throw in a hair space, U+200A, to separate them: 2 3.

(ZERO WIDTH SPACE and WORD JOINER aren't recognized as whitespace for some damn reason. This isn't a problem with Textile; it's a problem with Unicode.)
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Ever since I was at high school last year in 9th grade. I have no problem taking notes, open books and read it to them.

But it was fine until 10th grade that I had a mak or downfall where I get lazy of some sort. After the first Parent and teacher meeting. My parents talked to me about my problems… I was felt very unsettled after what happened. So I'm not sure if this sounds completely stupid but… I'm gonna have to start taking out my laziness and be very majorly serious about me when it comes to school. I will open all my books on my desk and take out all my notebooks out and start taking all note on them and whenever I start to read. I will read it all with no-one stoping me. And whenever someone misbehaves I will put my foot down and report them to the principal's office and yell at them to stop fighting and I will take my classes more seriously after how I felt with a downfall and Everyone will know my downfall that just really bothers me. Even when I go overboard I will do it for my grades…

I will show everyone how I felt after my downfall.
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@Count Adramélekh Sear
Aki en ejpaña, te lo juro que conozco yo a los clientes filipinos puros que se comporta perfectamente como loj ejpañoles.

Here in spain, I swear I know pure-blooded filipino clients who are basically spaniards.

And they're immigrants, not born here. I also know filipino clients who, like you, speaks perfect english, with english-speaking friends.

Come to Spain or Portgual. The spaniards treat your ppl better than they treat me—and they're treating me wonderfully.
Language should be a non-issue for you. I speak passable broken spanish in just 6 months of intensive course, and I only knew english.

For you who knows excellent english and tagalog, you'll speak spanish in a matter of weeks.
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