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Time-Wasting Thread 3.0 (SFW - No Explicit/Grimdark)

Started by ToskiHero
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So, I just finished Golden Time for the first time. Here are my thoughts.

*2D-kun best girl

*I think the second OP is the best anime OP ever. I just feel it encapsulates the show and Koko’s character so well. Speaking of…

*I’m in love with the Koko

*It’s kinda hard not to compare Golden Time to Toradora given both are by the same person. With that being said, I think Toradora is better for a couple reasons. First, Golden Time didn’t have a standout episode a la the Christmas bear episode. It had some phenomenal episodes, like the car episode and the episode where Banri and Koko are honest with each other, but nothing I would say was best of all time.

Second, a lot of the Golden Time characters didn’t really have development. In fact, the only characters that did were Banri, Koko, and Nana. Golden Time has a cast full of memorable characters. However, I don’t feel a lot of them were fully developed like the Toradora cast were. I mean, Ms. Yuri, a secondary character in Toradora, was more fully fleshed out than a character like Mitsuo and Linda. Both Mitsuo and Linda are good characters in my opinion, but I feel they could have had more character development.

*I think Golden Time had a better, more fulfilling ending than Toradora.

*Golden Time has a lot of similarities to Bunny Girl Senpai. Both have a plot involving around a character who has amnesia and there’s this conflict where their past memories are coming back and their current memories will be erased. However, I feel Bunny Girl Senpai did it better.

*Koko and Banri make such a cute couple.

*Fuck Ghost Banri

Overall, I enjoyed the show a lot. I’d give it an 8 out of 10. Is it the masterpiece that Toradora is? No. However, it’s very enjoyable and has a lot of memorable characters. Also, once again, that second OP is in my opinion the best OP of all time.
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Looks like Gelbooru has been blacklisted from Google, so they’ve started restricting certain content. Not sure if it’s just hidden, or if it’s been removed outright.

EDIT: OK, it looks like all the restricted content is still there, you just need an account to access it.
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It’s an imageboard where people post… images, mainly fanart from anime/manga series. It’s one of the larger ones, since there’s no real restrictions, until now.
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