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safe2039571 adagio dazzle15185 applejack191372 aria blaze11468 bon bon18132 cloudchaser4181 coco pommel6858 cup cake4693 derpy hooves55045 discord35692 dj pon-332053 double diamond1833 fancypants2262 firefly1903 flitter3295 fluttershy244557 gilda10813 king sombra16348 lemon hearts2485 limestone pie5798 lyra heartstrings32756 marble pie7739 march gustysnows282 maud pie14259 minuette6570 night glider1484 night light2760 nightmare moon19364 nightmare rarity3310 octavia melody26549 party favor1670 pinkie pie243679 pound cake2865 princess cadance37758 princess celestia107486 princess luna111755 queen chrysalis40064 rainbow blaze536 rainbow dash265232 rarity207392 sapphire joy407 scootaloo56413 shining armor26455 sonata dusk15496 spike88806 spitfire15001 starlight glimmer56782 sugar belle3595 sunset shimmer74680 sweetie belle54387 sweetie drops18135 tantabus582 tom912 trixie76318 twilight sparkle340341 vinyl scratch32053 oc875271 oc:anon13319 oc:celery175 oc:cream heart2848 oc:fluffle puff3064 oc:lavender266 oc:princess maflebottom16 bat pony67836 changeling60901 deer8603 dragon75935 earth pony388254 ghost3603 giraffe1019 griffon33966 sea pony2119 velociraptor274 anthro328553 equestria girls240289 idw19010 10000002 absurd resolution72538 adventure in the comments1326 amber leaf9 best pony1430 bueno110 clothes581531 collage1903 cute245190 derpibooru legacy23 doge258 doing loving things338 epic get15 epic wife tossing195 epona550 everypony405 female1660250 filly88122 fusion6608 get380 gif party67 good king sombra708 hatsune miku680 humanized113161 i didn't listen618 index get296 lightsaber1061 lyrabon (fusion)217 mare651746 medic1467 meme90149 meta mosaic30 midnight sparkle2854 milestone992 mosaic142 night guard2156 offspring47836 party in the comments38 pinkamena diane pie21498 ponified47817 queen umbra1446 rule 6331761 s1 luna8147 scar (the lion king)62 shipping236714 socks85330 star wars3641 team fortress 26723 the legend of zelda3918 the lion king608 twilight scepter2120 twilight sparkle (alicorn)141783 vocaloid994 wall of tags5838 woona5523 x00000 milestone29 x000000 milestone3
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@Background Pony #5667
You are really getting off topic here. Maybe use the forums if you want to discuss things like “gets”.
Look at it this way.
The current index is 2,967,575. That’s a suspiciously close to a power of two number of 32,425 images away from the ‘get’ you keep talking about here.
An average of 596 images are added every 24 hours. More lately because of the ongoing community events and the recent G5 releases.
Let’s assume that stays the average.
That means there are, give or take a day or two:


until the get.
So, maybe go do something else for a month and a half.

Trixie is interesting to me.
A rather grating personality, kinda annoying. The ego is obnoxious.
But when she’s not letting her ego run her mouth, a hidden empathetic streak comes forth. We see it in her Pony self and her Human Counterpart. When she’s being genuine, she seems to genuinely care for the feelings of others (hence why she became a Student Councillor).
Maybe her Showpony Business was at its heart, not just about showing off and bathing in the admiration of an audience, but to entertain too. That when she’s not being an egotistical braggart or manipulator, she’s happy when people are having fun.