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safe2120067 screencap287728 amethyst star2933 banana fluff30 bon bon18522 cold front10 daisy2918 flower wishes2918 lemon hearts2561 linky1897 lyra heartstrings33509 ocean breeze5 shoeshine2008 soap swirl6 sparkler2928 spring melody1416 sprinkle medley1416 sweetie drops18522 winter withers14 earth pony424204 pony1548998 unicorn513388 brotherhooves social565 g41934444 season 53379 background pony12086 background pony audience452 balloon12694 blinking5047 bush4385 cropped60101 eyes closed133863 female1746374 grass14587 mare708113 mare of a thousand voices28 multeity2941 wingless7331 wrong eye shape35


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Background Pony #F05F
Eeehhh…? With S5, they’ve been striving to put in as many “unique” OCs are possible, and now we’re getting a relapse of S1’s copypasted crowds?
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Hehe, to some extent, yeah. But I can fully understand cutting corners and making as many time (and money) saving measures as possible when it comes to creating the show. Especially when it comes to background elements or something that only appears for a second or so (like this).
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You are already booped.
That explains why neither of the Lyras is next to either of the Bon Bons. You know this side of Episode 100, it’d be different.
There seems to be exactly two of everyone, except for the white pony who’s front and center. Who is she? (Also, who’s the yellow and purple unicorn on the far right? …And the green Lemon Hearts.)