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OK, first of all - rude. Secondly, royal bubble baths are nothing to scoff at. Just one can keep us fresh for days. Now imagine at least three per day.
Trust me - Im fresh. Freshest princess but sometimes a crumb can get stuck behind my ear. Those are EVIL.
safe1917143 artist:ncmares723 princess cadance35997 alicorn264047 pony1264881 ask majesty incarnate97 :p11590 active stretch272 alternate hairstyle32405 behaving like a dog1513 candy8082 clothes539676 cute228107 cutedance1409 ear scratch241 female1552818 horses doing horse things1350 lollipop2830 magic83612 majestic as fuck1404 mare587141 messy mane8840 ncmares is trying to murder us60 nose wrinkle3406 raised hoof57224 scratching555 signature33291 sitting75316 socks78615 solo1224224 spread wings70644 striped socks24478 sweater16682 telekinesis32743


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I can confirm horses will do this… At least 1 of them on my ranch does this…
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Honestly, I think Cadance is acting more like a cat than a dog. Probably because I’ve lived with cats all my life and never owned a dog…