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safe1750315 artist:tiarawhy649 arizona (tfh)1198 velvet (tfh)1399 cow3449 deer6061 reindeer2074 them's fightin' herds4784 animated100813 arizonadorable45 bandana5512 chest fluff41198 cloven hooves10605 community related4376 cute205671 eyes closed98044 female1401712 hoofy-kicks763 nose wrinkle3070 scrunchy face7258 sissy slap fight44 velvebetes25 wavy mouth3861 youtube link5161


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Sunny Day Realtor
Tbf, it was kind of given seeing how chaotic those kinds of streams can be xP

Although I'm surprised Velvet did as well as she did in that stream. Controlling a zoner like her is so much harder than controlling a rundown like Arizona, seeing how much more tactical it is as opposed to rundown's GET AS CLOSE AS YOU CAN AND HIT THINGS way of doing things.