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Well, unlike my first attempt, here to draw the entire body, it is technically a example of the style i want to do (of course this can be changing and improving over time).

This i did more than anything as a "self-reference", so avoid doing different things with each other… and well, that's okay this? I think I'm doing well (based on comments), although this can improve with time, that's how i learned to draw ponies.
suggestive (122595) artist:an-tonio (1995) coco pommel (5320) anthro (219269) unguligrade anthro (40980) belly button (64139) bra (13367) breasts (226153) busty coco pommel (475) cleavage (29539) clothes (388144) female (848339) grayscale (33970) midriff (17616) monochrome (142519) panties (44412) solo (937899) solo female (163625) traditional art (105140) underwear (52977)


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