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safe1975254 artist:the-wizard-of-art84 apple bloom56472 babs seed6136 nightmare moon18945 scootaloo55572 sweetie belle53529 alicorn275150 earth pony363074 pegasus408411 pony1327591 unicorn448171 g47344 cape12907 clothes560793 crossover68920 cutie mark crusaders20946 featured image1069 female1606765 filly85121 floppy ears64681 full color142 hiding1698 horn117844 lord of the rings571 mare620114 multiple characters160 nazgul12 outdoors16108 parody16654 partially open wings840 pastiche30 ponified scene29 scared12650 scene parody981 tolkien41 traditional art131343 tree41556 watercolor painting3059 wings175929


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But Aragorn is also dutiful, kind, strong but most of all humble. Trixie doesn’t fit this at all Starlight I can most certainly see in such a spot but also perhaps a better choice is likely Applejack or even Big Mac, Strong, Dependable, honest, brave and true.
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@Prince Areo
Shining seems a little more like a Boromir to me. Proud, strongly tied to his family and his kingdom. Willing to die for it, even.
Yeah … Shining as Boromir is delicious. That tastes like a fanfic.
Aragorn is … phew … I got nothing. I keep thinking of Scootaloo, but … maybe Spike or Ember since they ‘reclaim their kingdom’?
Wait - I’ve got it. Trixie or Glimmer. Like Aragorn they have enormous growth throughout the show and ‘claim their kingdom’ at the end.
Hmmm … premise runs thin …

I’m imagining the music score that plays in Ralph Bakshi’s version of LotR in this part and it fits so well. Now let’s see here…
Applebloom is Frodo Baggins
Babs is Samwise “Sam” Gamgee
Sweetie Belle is Peregrin “Pippin” Took
Scootaloo is Meriadoc “Merry” Brandybuck
… probably.
Also… I see you, little eye, in the tree.