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The princess of the night ~
based on the Nightmare Moon/Luna design by DuoCartoonist
dead source34441 safe1972970 artist:kawaiidogarts1 nightmare moon18926 alicorn274718 pony1325013 the moon rises49 alternate design4155 bat wings14010 canterlot6481 crown24996 ethereal mane10851 female1604773 full moon4208 glowing horn25511 hoof fluff2638 hoof shoes7554 horn117494 jewelry91403 looking at you217407 majestic776 mare619144 moon28062 night32898 night sky2273 raised hoof59953 regalia29866 rock5458 signature35135 sky19165 slit pupils6240 smiling331681 solo1269420 spread wings75571 standing18193 starry mane5929 starry night851 starry tail356 stars19934 wings175420


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Why shouldn’t they adore me? Is it not within my right?  
I’ll not be overshadowed, mine is not the lesser light!  
I’ve waited long enough now for them all to come around  
And though the Sun may plead and threaten,  
The Moon will stand her ground!