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TWILIGHT) d…discord what is the meaning of this.  
DISCORD) oh my dear adorkable one, you see fluttershy suggested that I get a puppy so I can learn some compassion. but she didn’t have a puppy….. she makes a wonderful substitute don’t you agree, and she was so adorable I couldn’t just have one, now all of you get to be adorable.  
RARITY) oh my this is the worst possible thing, this diaper makes my bottom look big  
APPLEJACK) seriously that’s your problem with this, ya’ll need some priorities.  
TWILIGHT) and what’s with the diapers this isn’t funny discord.  
DISCORD) well you see after becoming a pup our little fluttershy got a little nervous and had a little accident the poor dear.  
FLUTTERSHY) sorry girls this is all my fault.  
DISCORD) oh don’t beat yourself up flutterpup, they add to your adorableness.  
RAINBOW DASH) hey we might be adorable but this isn’t cool I got a wonderbolt reserve rehearsal in an hour.  
PINKIEPIE) oh come on dashie its not that bad I kinda like being a puppypie (giggle snort)  
DISCORD) see pinkie likes it.  
TWILIGHT) you’ll be turned to stone for this when princess celestia finds out .  
DISCORD) is that so and just how is she going to find out.  
TWILIGHT) I’m telling.  
DISCORD) oh but how will she understand you she doesn’t speak K9 (naps fingers)  
TWILIGHT) bark, bark, gerrrrrrrrrr, bark, bark, bark, gerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr whimper.
safe1860191 artist:evilfrenzy494 applejack180827 cheerilee10433 discord33327 fluttershy227547 pinkie pie229478 rainbow dash249274 rarity194775 twilight sparkle319809 dog11100 absurd resolution69204 age regression1488 appledog75 cute220145 diaper14551 dogified312 flutterdog44 mane six33910 puppy636 puppy pie148 raridog85 request4148 requested art1537 species swap22108 twilight barkle146


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Background Pony #4EA2
This guy that requested this has the most specific fetish. ALL of the pictures he does is along those lines.