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Wukrii - A Fantasy Adventure Comic

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safe1573431 artist:lumineko2724 coloratura2684 rarity169511 earth pony198277 pony844228 unicorn265444 the mane attraction1103 blushing175511 boop6852 dialogue60500 eye contact6151 female897503 floppy ears46564 lesbian92120 noseboop2588 open mouth122818 patreon12177 patreon logo8869 raised hoof39227 rara1010 rarara348 rarararara25 shipping183735 smiling214520 that was fast1327 wink21551


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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

"Wait a second Applejack darling does this mean that when we were snuggling and you moaned and called me "Rara" you were thinking about your old friend and not me?"
"umm… apples?"
"HOW COULD YOU!!!" sobs on a fainting couch.