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safe1864610 artist:xebck740 starlight glimmer52744 pony1209035 unicorn395271 the cutie re-mark3313 .svg available9098 absurd resolution69283 cute220773 female1503872 filly76978 filly starlight glimmer632 glimmerbetes4196 hnnng2553 pigtails5272 simple background457037 smiling298035 solo1185129 that was fast1426 transparent background230453 vector81328 when she smiles1155 younger18819


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I’m talking straight up magically detaching their junk, putting it in a jar, and placing it in a “thingy vault” just like pony Starlight put cutie marks in a cutie mark vault.
Also, Sunburst wouldn’t necessarily need to lose his virginity in my imagined scenario. He would just have to start exhibiting different behavior (deeper voice, facial hair, interest in the opposite sex). He might not even have directed that interest toward Starlight. She would resent what puberty had taken away from their friendship. (It’s been suggested that, in the human world, puberty is a rough equivalent to getting a cutie mark in Equestria.)
“You can’t have morning wood if you don’t have a tree.”
I would imagine the EG Staff of Sameness would look pretty terrifying.
Background Pony #974A
Filly Starlight is soooooooo adorable!!! but she was very bastard in the final, although was reformed, her magic is incredible….
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Her face after Twilight, giving Starlight a taste of her own medicine, walks up and tells filly Starlight to just send Sunburst letters, or make a friend who already has a cutie mark, or something instead of letting her wallow, just to see what would happen.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

It won't be okay
Awww, who’s a cute li’l world-doomer, huh? Who’s a cute li’l world-doomer?  
Starlight: I’m not a puppy.  
I asked you who a cute li’l world-doomer is!