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safe1950289 artist:lumineko2869 nightmare moon18777 twilight sparkle330433 alicorn270606 pony1300563 the cutie re-mark3369 alternate timeline3377 dialogue78923 eye contact7281 female1583350 glare8665 grin51802 mare606416 moon27737 nightmare takeover timeline702 no time to explain16 open mouth193956 patreon13974 patreon logo9151 scene interpretation9842 sitting77315 smirk15594 speech bubble31184 throne3692 twilight sparkle (alicorn)137514 window11006


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I wonder what would’ve happen if she just bum-rushed NMM and did some alicorn magic on her. I’m willing to be Moon’s not as powerful in comparison to her as she was in Season 1.
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I Sell Propane
i’m surprised this didn’t happen several times throughout the episode. seems change blindness is surprisingly common in equestria.