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safe1949114 artist:maren1461 starlight glimmer54783 twilight sparkle330343 alicorn270328 pony1299215 unicorn435513 the cutie re-mark3367 blushing235291 cute232506 eyes on the prize6226 faic13717 female1582264 glimmerbetes4405 glowing horn24819 knife cat58 levitation14098 magic85305 mare605748 meme88441 offscreen character43051 ponified animal photo790 ponified meme1673 pov16869 s5 starlight2314 self-levitation690 smiling324429 smug7655 smuglight glimmer291 solo focus22075 squint591 telekinesis33568 twilight sparkle (alicorn)137468


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Background Pony #3FFE
Judging by the kinky expression to that horn I kinda doubt it’s 100% “safe”.