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safe2151662 artist:maren1956 starlight glimmer59302 twilight sparkle354343 alicorn309540 pony1579543 unicorn527549 g42004578 the cutie re-mark3511 blushing268195 cute262720 eyes on the prize6768 faic14825 female1778086 glimmerbetes4747 glowing horn28681 horn178130 knife cat65 levitation16041 magic95386 mare726654 meme93156 offscreen character51129 ponified animal photo984 ponified meme2225 pov19638 s5 starlight2603 self-levitation730 smiling388789 smug8976 smuglight glimmer307 solo focus29227 squint702 telekinesis38519 twilight sparkle (alicorn)147860


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Background Pony #3FFE
Judging by the kinky expression to that horn I kinda doubt it’s 100% “safe”.