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Spike, have you ever caught Rarity after she slipped and fell down the stairs?
suggestive148436 artist:pia-sama1758 rarity185624 spike80514 equestria girls207187 blue underwear2481 blushing204739 boots22937 breasts288790 clothes476234 equestria girls-ified10099 female1402357 human spike602 male388187 older27814 older spike5515 panties51515 shipping205708 shoes38757 simple background409326 skirt41094 sparity6841 straight140359 underwear62525 upskirt6044 white background102523


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Background Pony #DB17
also when he rush to rarity house to see was she ok and was really happy to rarity in nightmare moon timeline and said it me.

but i just worry that the staff would try to end his his crush and we still don't know what m a larson want dimsum for.
Background Pony #DB17
do you think the staff will keep spike having feelings for rarity or do you think they shoehorn a love for spike?
Background Pony #F237
But Pia-Chan betrayed humanity by hating Equestria Girls now and thinking Monster High is superior… what happened?