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questionable107003 artist:backlash91292 nightmare moon16022 twilight sparkle286341 alicorn203065 pony870562 the cutie re-mark3042 alternate timeline2733 bdsm5964 bedroom eyes54012 blushing180224 bondage31046 bridle3283 drool22872 eyes closed82897 female1274435 fluffy13071 gag13287 horn ring5097 hug25849 kissing22790 lesbian91196 magic suppression3617 mare433546 nightmare takeover timeline474 on back22725 on top1069 ring gag1311 scroll3182 slave2439 sloppy kissing1544 tongue out93392 twilight sparkle (alicorn)117419 twimoon102


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Pretty soft for a Sony.
So is this what would have happened if Twilight failed to return to the future, er, past?
[Angry Fist Shaking Intensifies]
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Suggesting rape/slave tags — I doubt Twi's willing. Especially with how she's pushing up on Nightmare.
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What would have happened if Nightmare Moon had caught Twilight before she escaped into the past.
Gotta make some heirs after all.