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dead source45320 suggestive188481 artist:seyrii28 princess celestia111745 princess luna116212 anthro354174 g42004921 beach21712 belly button108329 bikini25215 blushing268467 breast squeeze1733 breasts384679 busty princess celestia13601 busty princess luna9685 cleavage45918 clothes624727 covering5036 duo164011 embarrassed15051 embarrassed body exposure79 female1778695 jewelry110503 looking at you254016 midriff23957 necklace31751 nervous8462 nervous smile2143 nudity504316 pubic hair10088 pubic hair slip202 s1 luna8441 shy6155 smiling389076 swimsuit38576


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I feel like her younger design attributes to that much. She’s not often displayed with a look of a regal nature; that’s normally reserved for Celestia.
That’s not to say that Luna can’t showcase a look of divinity and that Celestia can’t look cute, they CAN, but it seems like more often than not, Luna ends up looking cuter than Celestia.

That’s not an embarrassment blush- her expression suggests that she’s excited and intrigued- but also a little nervous. She likes the eyes watching her.

I think Luna’s embarrassed, just from the blushing, or it might be my imagination. Can someone tell me she’s blushing from embarrassment or not