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Merged >>566371 and >>658313 to have it without scat but watersports.
suggestive (122809) artist:bjkgreywolf (19) edit (110895) lilac sky (131) spring step (183) sunlight spring (183) rainbow falls (1515) backbend (1541) background pony (8570) bottomless (11661) bow (22615) cheerleader (2385) clothes (388913) commission (47149) featureless crotch (5836) hair bow (12264) handstand (255) monochrome (142779) pissing (3189) pissing together (136) pom pom (1034) shirt (19632) sketch (56948) skirt (34055) skirt flip (213) tongue out (85307) upside down (4820) upskirt (5216) urine (5755) waterfall (1445)


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11 comments posted

On the one hand, one can consider this image vulgar by focusing on the fact that it's two mares peeing in public, and ignoring everything else.

On the other hand, there's the fact that the two mares are propped up on their front hooves, coordinated enough that they're peeing at the same time. In that way, it's really artistic, and demonstrates quite a level of talent between the two of them.