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Page 12 of Chapter 2 of The To-Do-List webcomic.
suggestive170133 artist:shadowfenrirart73 twilight sparkle330034 human198038 anthro309845 comic:the to-do-list66 comic:the to-do-list:chapter 226 armpits44998 bra18890 braces1586 breasts335920 brother and sister5429 cleavage40275 clothes549481 comic122413 crossover68394 crossover shipping3633 crying49794 dialogue78601 diplight78 dipper pines394 female1578983 forest12555 glomp472 gravity falls1504 hug33042 mabel pines426 magic85140 male450443 miniskirt5331 pleated skirt4289 romantic1857 shipping227156 skirt47210 tanktop9407 twilight sparkle (alicorn)137292 twins2670 underwear69657 wings168987


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Background Pony #DCA0
Well i hope we will see Bill and Discord in this comic series. Or Tirek if Discord is still reformed ^^