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safe (1503183) artist:invisibleone11 (89) applejack (153744) fluttershy (191367) moondancer (4071) pinkie pie (196567) rainbow dash (211784) rarity (163720) starlight glimmer (40819) sunset shimmer (54034) trixie (59337) twilight sparkle (272456) equestria girls (170095) alternate hairstyle (22576) barrette (341) baubles (48) blouse (333) blushing (164829) clothes (382468) counterparts (830) equestria girls-ified (7732) female (827503) frown (20601) glasses (50692) hairclip (776) hairpin (1179) hoodie (11131) jacket (9671) leather jacket (2686) lesbian (87470) magical quintet (110) mane six (27809) moonset (21) necktie (5692) ponytail (14207) poofy shoulders (71) shipping (174630) shirt (18928) sunsetsparkle (4154) sweat (21204) sweater (12398) twidancer (290) twilight sparkle gets all the mares (86) twilight's counterparts (866) twilight's harem (35) twistarlight (498) twixie (4709) twixstar (33) twixstarsetdancer (6)


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32 comments posted
Background Pony #E82D
now if only there could be an official EG MoonDancer in the Equestria Girls series, since we now know Human Starlight Glimmer is official, that would be sweet <3
Background Pony #2C9A
and the moment Celestia walks into her view, she swiftly abandons them all for Senpai. -K69

Maybe it's a joke.
Trixie: Who better to end up with the heroine than a former rival?
Sunset: How about a former enemy, who became a good friend?
Moondancer: (scoff) Childhood friend, here. Get on my level, scrubs.
Starlight: Is-is this how you do this? Am I competing for senpai's affection the right way? Aw, forget it, we can all share Twilight's love equally.
Rainbow: Am I the only one considering becoming Twilight's rival next season?
Twilight: uh, Celestia? Help?

Twilight forgot to turn her swag off.

the thought of pinkie yelling "OH NO twilight for got to turn her swag off" so that and everyone hears it, then proceeding to be embarrassed is hilarious to me.
Background Pony #767B
"Trixie clearly has 'dibs' here! Trixie was her rival all the way back in season 1!"