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suggestive172884 artist:pia-sama1894 coco pommel6692 rarity203144 spike87293 human202834 art pack:my little sweetheart211 art pack:my little sweetheart 445 animal costume2685 antlers2994 armpits45186 ass68689 backbend1746 bell5726 bell collar3013 blushing238704 breast squish2286 breasts343238 busty coco pommel684 busty rarity15664 butt179064 christmas18235 christmas tree5473 cleavage40974 clothes559281 collar41466 costume35204 dress53737 embarrassed13604 embrace683 evening gloves9781 female1603417 females only15144 fingerless elbow gloves1025 fingerless gloves5833 fingernails553 fireplace3435 gloves25344 grin52986 holding4377 humanized110138 jingle bells312 leotard5864 lipstick14055 long gloves7799 makeup30988 male459873 my little sweetheart193 my little sweetheart 438 nail polish10065 older34150 older spike8013 photo89337 present7743 reindeer antlers603 reindeer costume229 santa costume1949 sexy38004 shipping229760 skirt48002 smiling331268 socks81880 sparico58 sparity7691 stockings42003 straight159585 stupid sexy coco pommel123 tail66324 thigh highs48816 tree41437 wide eyes18825 zettai ryouiki2104


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Background Pony #66C0
Coco Pommel: Rarity I don’t think i should be wearing this when your husband wakes up.
Rarity: Silly dear, but that part of the present.
Coco Pommel: Wait…. WHAT?
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

Tired Moon Mom
Either my eyes were playing tricks on me because when i saw coco pommel in the thumbnail she looked a bit like bulma from dbz

An elf costume is one thing, but degrading the submissive to a beast of burden? That’s even hotter.
This would be still kinkier, though: Rarity as a Claus, Coco as an elf, and Spike on all fours in reindeer getup, fixed with a bridle and jingle-bells.

I’ve gotta go with Rarity.
… Yes, I know that Coco is more my style, but, see, I have TERRIBLE issues with her made to resemble a deer; I just burst into hysterics, bawling as I scream about how unfair Bambi’s life was.
… I get the feeling she deserves better, especially when intimate.