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The third image in my “Feeling Horny” series. Princess Cadance is a big girl, with a sizable horn to-boot. Her horn doesn’t just bottom out against Pinkie’s cervix– it penetrates it. Imagine the look of shock on Pinkie’s face when she found that out! Sorry in advance about how much pink there is in this image; I didn't realize there would be so much.

In terms of difficulty mounting, this is Intermediate Mode. More coming soon. :)
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With the possible emoji reaction from pinkie pie when princess cadence was to use her horn to penetrate pinkie pie's clitoris as the way princess cadence was to use her horn to stimulate pinkie pie's G-spot.
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Background Pony #4DC4
>diagram of cervix
>"I didn't realize there would be so much pink"
you what, now?
Artist -

Well, yeah. And from what I've heard, the cervix found in human females is typically far more rigid and unyielding than pretty much every other mammal, so if they can have things inserted without much pain, it's not unreasonable to think the same here.

But you're right, Pinkie Pie is most definitely a pony— not a human. I forgot in the moment.
Artist -

@Background Pony #1000
It depends on the size of the object and the flexibility of the cervix. If you are unaware, women may have things inserted into their uterus for a number of reasons: intra-uterine devices, hysteroscopies, abortions, etc.

In short: it doesn't always have to be extremely painful, but something like a horn would probably be very uncomfortable.
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@Background Pony #1000
according to horse breeder websites and the like,
when horses are in heat or a state of heavy arousal cervix penetration is possible and not painful so no this would be hardcore but not painful as long as pinkie was aroused as fuck and wet as all hell.