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safe1552218 artist:ryuredwings165 princess flurry heart6124 queen chrysalis31854 alicorn190368 changeling38917 changeling queen11096 nymph715 pony824336 the crystalling2001 auntie chrissy12 cute173119 cutealis1877 dialogue58589 female876818 filly58290 filly queen chrysalis143 flurrybetes792 older22482 older flurry heart894 role reversal1263 signature18190 spoiler688 teenage flurry heart71 teenager4195 younger15422


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8 comments posted
Background Pony #6357
Would have been better with a kid meant to be one of chryssy's than chryssy herself.
Background Pony #7424
Quick, someone invert this pictures colors. I think she's a reverse changeling.
Background Pony #8221
I wonder if we'll be seeing any more of Chrysalis this season.

If we do, I hope they get her voice right. They left the little reverberations off of it in the S5 finale.